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Modern-day Liberia remains devastated by civil war. In rural parts, almost everyone drinks untreated water, and children in particular are vulnerable to potentially life-threatening diseases such as cholera and dysentery. Child sponsors provide the most vulnerable with a safe home and the love of an SOS mother in a nurturing family home. … more about our charity work in Liberia

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Juah Town, Liberia

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Juah Town, Liberia

A child sponsorship report from Juah Town in Liberia. Written in 2011.

Dear sponsors,

We send you hearty compliments of the season and many thanks for your priceless contributions towards our children’s happy living and general care.  The year 2011, which is under review, has been one of incessant hard work and preparation, and we wish to share some of our experiences with you.

SOS CV Juah Town now caters to 117 children, (58 girls, 59 boys) and its location is gradually being transformed into a “City inside a Forest” because of the erection of more and more new houses and the steady migration of population to take advantage of the SOS Educational Facilities.  It is indeed a “young” village in which the oldest female Youth is 15 years and in the seventh grade, and the youngest is yet a baby. HGIS Juah Town is a Junior High school.  The older Youths (10) in higher classes were transferred to Buchanan, the Capital City of Grand Bassa County.  This year, our Youths did not participate in any vacation jobs, due to elections activities, but some had the opportunity to spend their vacation with their Families.

Gleeful preparation for the 30th Anniversary

The atmosphere is very peculiar in CV- Juah Town since September 2011, especially in the afternoon hours.  SOS children meet to practice beautiful songs and cultural dances they hope to present when SOS Liberia celebrates the 30th Anniversary of SOS in Liberia.  Some silent activities could also be seen in operation at the Palava Hut.  SOS children work assiduously to prepare handicrafts they plan to sell at the exhibition that will be held in Monrovia.  Also, during the occasion, the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication will launch 240,000.00 SOS stamps commemorating this event.  The date for the celebration will be the 25th of November 2011.

SOS nursery Juah Town

SOS nursery became somewhat a new Institution since 2010/2011 because of the intake of FSP children.  It registered for the first time 208 pupils (101 male, 107 female) FBC children numbered 78 (41 male, 37 female).  FSP children numbered 59 (27 male, 32 female).  Children as old as 10 years old were in groups 2 and 3, and Educators had to resort to using local dialects to explain important concepts.  The key challenges had been the bad road condition, the economic plight of parents and the long distances children cover daily to and from school.

During the period under review, formal Child Protection workshops were not held, but the Person of Trust (POT) for KG was in operation.  Educators taught child Protection in devotion periods, and Parents/Guardians benefitted from similar lectures during PTA meetings.  The implementation was jointly monitored by the pupils themselves, the Educators, Parents and the POT

At the end of the year, 32 pupils graduated, including 2 double promotions; one from group 2 to grade 1 (from the FSP category) and the other from group 3 to grade 2 (from the community category.)

SOS School Juah Town

The 2010/2011 academic year started with an intensive capacity building workshop for administrators and teachers as a way of preparing them for active service.  Academic lessons started with an impressive enrollment of 164 students of which 37 were FBC children, 40 FSP children and 87  community children. 

The teaching-learning process had a series of activities.  The observance of Career Day captivated the interest of students in key job related or professional areas. To reveal the talents of students, a back to school dance was held and sporting activities were played between the old and new students. The Parent-Teacher-Association concretized the relationship between the school administration and parents and a code of Officers of the association was elected. 

Another aspect of the learning process was the full participation of HGIS students in the District and County Spelling Bees.  The HGIS students had no contender in the district Spelling Bee but were also able to reach the quarter finals.

The 2010/2011 academic year ended in June 2011 with a unique 8th Thanksgiving and Closing Exercises, when seven students of the ninth grade class received certificates of promotion to the tenth grade.  Accordingly, 139 students out of one hundred and fifty- eight (158) students passed successfully while 19 students repeated their classes.  Five of the latter were in the FSP category that were not attending school previously.

For the 2011/2012 academic year, the school has an enrollment of 184 students.  41 FBC Children; 66 FSP children and 77 Community children for the First Term.
Capacity Building at the SOS CV Clinic:

The two Nurses at the SOS Clinic of the Village received a unique training during the period under review.  Malaria is endemic in Liberia and more so in Juah Town and nearly every ailment is blamed on it.  Consequently, it has been a serious challenge to diagnose accurately cases of malaria. The SOS Clinic of Juah Town serves not only the CV and co-workers, but also children in the community.  With the kind consent of the ND, the Laboratory Technician assigned to the SOS Clinic of Monrovia was allowed to travel to Juah Town and train the two Nurses to identify the malaria parasite using the microscope.  It is therefore now possible to diagnose malaria by Laboratory methods in Juah Town.

The Family Strengthening Programme (FSP Juah Town):

The FSP has brought great relief to the people of Grand Bassa County.  Families who were unable to properly cater to their children can now stand on their feet, after being empowered by the FSP, and do so.  Children are now going to school and are provided their school materials to enhance smooth learning.    The FSP has a total of 687 beneficiaries with 150 families who are benefiting from the following:  Education, medical, childcare Training, Psychosocial support, hygiene, Nutrition, Food ration, Recreational activities, etc.   FSP came at the right time when parents and children in this locality of Liberia have no means of properly catering to their children.

On behalf of the children, Mothers and staff of the SOS CV Monrovia we thank you for your support and wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Kind regards,

Ruth Helen Swen
National Donor Services Coordinator