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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Ibarra, Ecuador

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Ibarra, Ecuador

A child sponsorship report from Ibarra, Ecuador. Written in 2011.

Dear sponsors,

Many things have changed in the SOS programs of Imbabura province this year. The government’s support increased and its commitment with children and adolescents is more palpable through the support they offer to organizations as ours. The situation in the north part of Ecuador has increased the need of family-based child-care for children who have run away from the violence in our neighbor country Colombia. The coordination between SOS Children’s Villages and rights’ protection centers of the north border has increased the number of children in the village.

Right now, there are part of our twelve SOS families, 56 girls and 54 boys, who experience their rights’ guarantee in a home, inside a family composed by their brothers and sisters and a loving mother. Unfortunately, no country of our region has still got to have all children living inside their biological families with all their rights fulfilled.  While it happens, our villages will continue working to offer a safe and warmth home to boys and girls who have lost the family care temporarily or permanently. In a loving home, they will have the chance to continue growing up and developing until they can return to their relatives, with the certainty that they will be cared for and loved.

Our family-strengthening and community development program offers high quality services to 270 boys and girls through the five CIVBs (‘living well’ child day care centers): Amazonas, Tejar, Yacucalle, Estrellitas and Simón Bolívar. The economic support of the government, through the MIES-INFA (Social Inclusion Ministry-Institute of Childhood and Family) for these centers operation has been significant.

We take care of boys and girls aged 0 to 5 years old- all of them in risk of abandonment or victims of extreme poverty or domestic violence. We’ve also kept our agreement with ChildFund and it is very important, because it allows us to extend our service to children between 5 and 12 years old, brothers and sisters of the daily care children. They receive lunch and support to do their homework while their mothers work in the afternoon, selling their products in the surrounding markets.  The agreement with the INFA not only covers the payment of educators and coordinators of the centers but also the training of the staff in topics such as, nutrition, early stimulation, children’s development, children’s rights and many others aspects. We have also carried out preventive campaigns, together with the public health centers, which have benefited the children and their mothers, through medical and dental controls. Also, boys and girls aged four and five years participated in dance therapies to improve their self-expression through movement and their gross motor function.

Our work as an organization is focused on offering integral care to children’s families. We work with women-mothers, families and community, in participative processes which make the difference, because they guide people to recognize their own lives and to have a future projection as parents. We’ve had cases of women and families who experienced a positive, significant and real change and so we can say with pride that our mission has been fulfilled.

This year has been very special and important for us because of all the achievements we had in our SOS Programs in Imbabura province. Thanks so much for being by our side, supporting our work!

With enormous affection and our best wishes,

Directress of the SOS Programs in Imbabura