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sponsored children in Guinea
In Guinea, thousands of births are not attended by medics and preventable disease claims the lives of many children. In three locations, our supporters deliver essential healthcare to help the most vulnerable children thrive in their early years, and child sponsors like you provide a loving family home those with no one else. … more about our charity work in Guinea

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Conakry, Guinea

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Conakry, Guinea

A child sponsorship report from Conakry in Guinea. Written in 2011.

Dear sponsor,

A part from the celebration of the SOS Day June 23rd, most of our activities involving the children were reduced due to their departure for their holidays. Some mothers also left the village for their annual leaves. During this moment all schools are closed and then life in the village becomes quiet.

Notwithstanding, we used this period to conduct trainings for employees and organised few visits for the little children left in the village. The little children visited some interesting places along with few mothers and aunties who stayed in the village. And mostly at evening hours all of them gather to listens to stories told by the mothers before bed time. All the children enjoyed this moment.

SOS Clinic

The clinic as we mentioned in our last report has extend their activities to many communities surrounding the SOS Children’s Village and even those from other communities now. It is really driving towards the intention of render assistance to many poor families. At the clinic our treatments are done at a lower cost maybe at the rate of 75% reduction of what would be the cost in other clinics. All the families on the Family Strengthening Programmes likewise, all the SOS children and youths benefited medical check-ups before leaving for their holidays.


One of the most important training programmes we had this last period of the year was the dissemination of the new changes affecting the International Donor Services to be started effectively 2012. All staff involved in Donor Services was part of the training. The training was conducted by National Donor Services Coordinator. The session covered all related topics such as better communication, quality reports on facilities and detailed information on child progress reports.  These topics were clearly explained and understood by the all participants. 

SOS Youth Home

In the perspective of involving the youths into the community life such as to facilitate their reintegration they took part in a casting of a film entitled en French (Le Soleil à l’Intérieur).  This film relates the story of two young friends (Guineans) Fodé and Yaguine, found dead on Air Brussels in 1995. They were hidden clandestinely on the flight hoping to reach safely to Europe in such for better life. After their very active role played the youths understood the risks in a clandestine emigration. They also discovered that life could be easy for them as long as they are well educated. The youths also realized that the matter of good life is not a clandestine emigration or going to Europe affecting our African youths today but the effort to apply towards a better future. Another important aspect of their participation was some hidden talents discovered in our youths. One youth was selected as the one of actors for this firm to be finalized early next year. On the other hand, not only the hidden talents were discovered but some shortcomings were corrected as well.

SOS nursery

Our curriculums for this school year are enriched with programs including the weekly visits of SOS mothers to the school. This helps the SOS mothers to constantly follow their children at home for improve results. On October 14th 2011, a ‘Keep School Clean Day’ was organized. All the children were involved in activities such as sweeping and washing the haul. This activity was the practical aspect of their Montessori classes. It was a discovering and a pleasure for the children to be involved actively to the cleansing of their school environment.

SOS school

We reopened our schools on October 3rd 2011.  In view of our school to be in line with our perspectives and the Government new policy towards education we conducted many teachers trainings programme. Of course our school has always had good result every year on national level but we always keep room for improvement. For this year school 2011/2012 some very important educative and sportive activities are planned. We hope to give you more detail information in our next report since the school year is just starting! 

SOS Family Strengthening Programme

This year the first group of 68 beneficiary families left the program. Presently we are having 484 children to whom we offered school, health and nutritional care from 143 family heads.