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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Meru, Kenya

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Meru, Kenya

A child sponsorship report from Meru in Kenya. Written in 2011.

Dear Sponsor,

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to you for the generosity. We are glad that you support our work and as a result, our mission, goals and vision have turned into reality. We now share with you the progress and happy moments that we have experienced in the last half year.


Academically, all children have shown a steady rise in their overall performance.  The mean score at the primary level rose from average in 2010 to above average in 2011. 6 children were enrolled in nursery 1 in January 2011 while 15 who graduated in nursery 3 joined Standard one in four local primary schools

Children Activity Programme

Various activities were held in the quarter for the Children. These programmes are aimed at shaping the children’s character holistically in their daily lives. The programmes are spread across academics and live skills. These programmes are organized by the Village Educator and the Youth Care Coworker and in consultation with the Mothers and the Village Director. The Programme incorporated, Educational programme, School Visits, Tuitions, Target setting, Skills Acquisition, Decision making, way to happiness, scouting, Communication skills, Negotiation skills, Sexual Integrity, and study groups formation.

The scouts group both the Sungura and Chipukizi were taught camping skills and especially on correct knots. The topic is called Pioneering: this is a fun activity that calls upon scouts to use engineering skills to construct or build bridges, watchtowers, suspended tents or useful camp devices.  The knots are used to prepare for example: stretchers for carrying casualties, carrier for carrying luggage. Other areas covered were Law and promise, History of scouting, Scout motto, Salute and greetings. All the above are covered in a stage known as pre-investiture stage and all the 67 scouts' members successfully completed this stage.

Good practice Exchange programme

A member of staff from Mombasa Village visited the Meru Village on a good practice exchange programme. The objective was to share with his Meru counter parts on the good systems of service delivery that is employed at Mombasa village as well as identify good practices in the system in Meru village in-comparison to how things are done at Mombasa Village.

New Mothers Emulsion Programme

4 Mothers trainee were on emulsion programme in the quarter; during the emulsion programme they have been undergoing practical training in family houses with the Mothers and the Village Director. They are now able to comfortably stay with the children in absence of the mothers and are eagerly awaiting their graduation into motherhood.

SOS nursery

SOS Children’s Village nursery educators had a joint workshop with the parents geared towards sensitizing them on the school curriculum, the jolly phonics teaching methodology and its value. Parents were also made aware of the expectation of each class and their role in the foundation stage of the child in holistic development. Parents sited that it was such a refreshing session.

On 25th February 2011 the children went for an educational trip at Olpajeta wildlife conservancy. The trip was aimed to help learn more about the wild animals, see how they look like, increase their vocabulary and also have fun.

Yours faithfully,

Gladys Mumbi,
Sponsorship Coordinator.