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Senegal is a relatively stable country where poverty nevertheless remains a problem for many. Children grow up in hazardous conditions, constantly at risk from child labour, trafficking and exploitation. In Dakar alone, it is estimated that over 7,000 children survive by begging on the street. SOS Children's Villages has been working to bring a better life to families in Senegal since 1977. … more about our charity work in Senegal

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Louga, Senegal

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Louga, Senegal

A child sponsorship report from Louga in Senegal. Written in 2011.

Dear sponsor,

With the variety of the activities, Louga SOS Village manages to keep the children busy and thus in healthy way. They are divided according to their age or their sex for some activities. A yearly program of initiation to hand technics, to the entertainment of the village or for the participation of children in the day celebrated has been elaborated with the children.

With the last admission in May 2011, the SOS Village counts now 101 children with 60 boys and 41 girls.

Besides the activities that allow children to get some competences in various fields, the village has set a choral of thirty five children who sing about different themes going from children’s rights, to parent’s responsibilities on defence activities.  They performed in many events such as the Christmas tree organized for the children of the workers, the diner party that the Village had in the parish of the town, the Olympiads, the African Child Day the municipality organized and the end of year day the kindergarten Hermann Gmeiner organized.

The African Child Day was a moment of sharing between the village children, those of the Family Reinforcement Program and the “talibés”(children going to koranic school most of which non formal). All of them were wearing thirsts printed by our children and on which we could read: A day of share wish the talibés.

Cultural parties were organized and animated by children. There parties allowed the neighbouring populations to discover the gifts of children. We take the opportunity given to us in broadcasting to sensitize people on the children rights and the village problems.

As far as school is concerned, we have 13 children who are in last year of primary school and will therefore sit for end of primary school exam and the secondary school entrance contest.

Among them, two excellent students have sat for the military school and we are waiting for the results. For the BFEM (end of secondary school exam) we have two candidates. These two candidates should leave the village this year. 94% of our primary school students will pass in an upper class, 80% of the secondary students and 100% high students will pass.

The Kindergarten has integrated a new pedagogical approach known as the Basis school curriculum to improve the quality of the teaching. Seminars and workshops were organized in partnership with the primary school teacher training school (EFI).

In the yearly plan the women teachers organized pedagogical outing as well as entertaining ones. On Shrove Tuesday a big carnaval was organized with a massive participation of the people from the village as well as the neighbouring populations and the academic authorities.

Our nursery is frequented by a lot of people because of the unstable situation in the public districts. They come mainly for first assistance and for vaccination.

The Family Reinforcement Program is aiming at helping some families achieve self-sufficiency. The members of the association in the district will be given the tools to facilitate this phase. An action plan has been set and a training program for the association is being executed.

Besides the pedagogical activities, the primary school develops social, cultural and sport activities. Students take part in sport and cultural competition.

As for former SOS Village Children, they are 22 with 8 girls and 14 boys, we are guiding them in their research for probation or in their search of a first job. They are also assisted in the preparation to national contests.

The relationships between the youths and the SOS mothers are very good with the courtesy visits and the assistance given to their families.

We would like to thank you very sincerely for you so precious help.