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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Los Jardines Del Norte, Dominican Republic

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Los Jardines Del Norte, Dominican Republic

A child sponsorship report from Los Jardines Del Norte in Dominican Republic. Written in 2011.

Dear sponsor,

It is a great pleasure to once again address to you and share glad tidings of the events in the SOS Children’s Village of Los Jardines Del Norte.

We started the year positively and with the best of dispositions to assume all the challenges to come with the year 2011.

The Christmas festivities concluded spectacularly since we had the support and integration of all the families of the Village. The children enjoyed the activities that the SOS mothers along with the team of collaborators prepared to make the New Year celebration, a night to remember.

Each SOS mother with her children went to the Village’s Gazebo, where they were awaited by a beautiful typical décor, a delicious Christmas dinner, music, refreshments and an environment propitious to have a good time sharing as one big family.

Past the New Year’s festivities, we celebrated the ‘Three Kings Day’ (Día de los Santos Reyes) (January 06th), where we gave toys to the children, which, thanks to several people and institutions who showed solidarity, we could carried it out accompanied by a little party where they also shared snacks and were visited by a group of clowns who offered a show. The children were very happy and excited to participate of the activity.

Nowadays we continue with the repairing work on the houses, the Village’s physical structure and conditioning the common areas, especially the playground where the children of the programme spend a great amount of their spare time.
In this first semester of the year we have welcomed six children (five boys and one girl) who fortunately have had a good adaptation to the programme and the new life they have in the SOS family system. The children from the Village gave them a nice welcome and made them feel very comfortable, reflecting on the smooth and rapid adaptation shown by these children that are already integrated into the educational system and equally participate of the extracurricular activities along with their SOS siblings.

In that order, six young people (two girls and four boys) had completed the preparation process in the Village and passed to the youth communities, there, they will be completing the road that will lead them to reach a self sufficient life within a few years.

Currently, the social workers team is working directly with the youth communities along with the youth communities leaders, specifically in the technical-professional area, because we understand that a good academic and technical preparation can guarantee them a good job with which to sustain and achieve their long and medium term plans.

Another area we’re focused working on is the training of SOS Mothers, this year all the SOS Aunts in charge of a SOS home (aspiring SOS mothers) completed the I & II modules of the curriculum with excellent results, exceeding expectations of themselves in terms of knowledge and tools they’ve acquired through these trainings. There have been several integration activities in which the SOS Mothers and Aunts (of the three Villages) have shared good practices and have been able to strengthen ties. These activities are well received by the SOS Mothers, who are now motivated by having this time to share between them.

For the commemoration of the 31st Anniversary of the arrival of SOS Children’s Villages to the country, we will have an open door activity which will be held simultaneously in the three Villages, in order to integrate the surrounding communities with families of the fostering programme.

For the summer we will have a camp for the children that will stay in the Village for school holidays (some of the children go with their relatives for a few days during school break). At the camp, the children will do crafts, sports competitions, there will be screening of educational programs and children’s films and for the closure of the camp we’ll have a little summer farewell party, so the children can prepare to go back to school.

I don’t want to conclude this letter without thanking you for your support to such beautiful and noble work we have been doing with and for the children, with your help we continue to transform the lives of these children as they now have a better quality of life and many more opportunities.

Receive a warm greeting from us and the best of wishes to you. Thank you for your kind support!!!!!!