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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Douala, Cameroon

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Douala, Cameroon

A child sponsorship report from Douala in Cameroon. Written in 2011.

Dear sponsor,

We are happy to give you recent informations concerning our lovely village.
It is the second SOS Children’s Village in Cameroon.

The village is situated at the suburb of the town, called Banga Bakoko, at about two kilometres away from the weighing gate, found in the national road that links the political capital Yaounde, to the township of Douala three, the Wouri Division, Littoral province. The village opened its doors on July 14th 2007. 

The number of children found now in our village is 98 that is, 59 boys and 39 girls. Most of them are orphans, semi orphans or social orphans. We have 22 children in the nursery school, 62 in the primary school, 6 at home and 8 in the college. Those in the college are doing much better in school than those in the primary school. In anyway the children’s results are satisfactory.

They are divided into twelve family’s houses, being under the responsibility of twelve mothers, three aunts and four families’ assistants. The village capability of reception is 120 children.

In health domain, all the children were submitted into a medical check up when they were admitted, their vaccinations were also put up to date by medical Doctor of Douala. She consults the children whenever they have health problems. Children are also brought to specialised doctors in town when the health problem is a serious one.  

The village is composed of a nursery school which has a small, medium and big section, the capacity of admission being 25 per section. There is also a primary school with a complete cycle having the capacity of admitting 210 children, which assures the actual fundamental education. The library contains about 3039 books and it functions.

In the cultural point of view, our children participate in various cultural weeks participating in many activities such as: poems, dancing, sketches, and sport. We had a football match with the community last February and our children won three goals to one.

In February 11th 2011, a youth group of the parish “Jesus le Bon Pasteur of Boko” came to the village to celebrate for the Youth day with our children (Games, poems, games, gifts were given to our children).

A Christmas tree was organised in the village and the children from the neighbouring hood community were also present. Every child went back home with a little toy from Father Christmas.

The female personnel of the village and school joined themselves to celebrate the 26th edition of the International Women Day on the 8th march 2011. The parade was organised by the administration in charged of women promotion. The SOS women did their best to entertain their children with cultural activities.

The children for whom parents or guardians will write applications for holidays will go for some weeks, just to keep contact with their roots.

Our relationship with the community is good. Most of them fetch water in the village. The community chief usually visits us.