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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Bharatpur, Nepal

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Bharatpur, Nepal

A child sponsorship report from Bharatpur in Nepal. Written in 2011.

Dear sponsor,

Our heart fills with joy as we once again present you our warm greeting. It is now summer in Bharatpur with sun shining in its full strength at the same time monsoon showering its soothing drops. Presently our village looks beautiful with the blooming bougainvillea and shady bushes and trees everywhere.

With pleasure we wish to share with you the happenings in the village in last half of the year. Currently SOS Children’s Village Bharatpur is home for 138 children in 14 family houses with 71 boys and 67 girls. In the past six months a total of 8 new children joined our village family. Within a very short span of time all of them adjusted harmoniously and happily in their family and enjoying their childhood.

One more girl and a boy appeared the School Leaving Certificate Examination this year and are waiting for the result anxiously.

The performance of class 8 going children was good as all appeared 16 of them passed the District Level Examination (DLE). 7 of them got distinction division, 7 in first division and 2 children in second division. To enhance and to check the school performance a 4 four day program was organized by our Child Development Officer, Ms. Sushma Pokherel at the end week of February. The program was focused on child’s education need and the performance of every child in comparison to child’s last year performance. This motivated many of our children to improve their study habit and learn the importance of education in life.

The SOS Youth Home Bharatpur is one of our vital ancillary projects. 13 youths and a counselor have been living in the home since its conception last year on 29th of August 2010. In Youth Home the youths are provided with regular guidance, counseling and supervision towards the path of self reliance. They do all household works viz. shopping, cooking and washing themselves. Time and again they are advised and motivated to pursue their future dream. They are encouraged to participate in various socio –cultural activities along with the local community. Besides their regular studies they are also involving themselves in social works in the name of SOS Youth Club. With every passing day we see that we are heading towards the ultimate goal of the Youth Home that is, preparing for their integration in the society as a capable and dignified citizen.’

This year SOS Little Champs Club of village and SOS Youth Club extended their kind hands towards the community. The Little Champs Club distributed scholarship of Rs. 1000/-(One thousand) each to 3 of the students of a nearby community school, Shree Gaurigunj Secondary School. They also provided them bag full of stationery items as help for their studies while the Youth Club distributed school bag, stationery items and set of school uniforms to 10 needy students of Shree Sitaram Secondary School. The funds used by the Clubs were the accumulated money they earned by the charity program in festivals and saving of their pocket money. The generosity of the children was much appreciated by all and special thanks were given by the Principals of the community schools in formal programs at their schools.

The SOS School Bharatpur is now one of the best schools in whole of the district. It has gained immense fame due to its quality education, beautiful environment and physical structure. Presently it has 575 students who are getting quality education from qualified and well trained 36 teachers. In the District Level Examination (DLE) this year total 42 students appeared the examination and the result was 100% pass with 28 students in distinction division and 12 and 2 in 1st and 2nd division respectively.

Like last year, this year also the students actively participated in the Annual Sports Meet that was held from 5th to 8th January. Many of the students got a good platform to show their talent and were able to compete and win in various events like 100/200/400 m race, shot put throw, high jump, long jump, football etc. The Annual Sports meet has always been a good occasion for the guardians of the students to visit school apart from their annual teacher parents meeting. But this year the visit was made more joyful by the invitation they got to visit the village family houses. All our mothers and children as well greeted every guest to their house for a sociable and joyful afternoon tea.

SOS Social Centre Bharatpur is continuing its support to the community more vigorously. Its Day Care Centre is nurturing 30 small children (preschoolers) all free of cost. Like every year, this year also 6 of the children got admission form day care centre under the scholarship basis and are seen progressing. Now total 70 students are studying under scholarship in SOS School. In the community total 180 students are benefitted by the monthly Hermann Gmeiner Scholarship.

The Medical Centre is continuing its medical help to the poor people of the local community with free health check up and free medicine. This year in collaboration with the Small and Cottage Industries, Bharatpur, our Family Strengthening Program (FSP) provided a vocational training on candle making to 25 heads of marginal community of Tharu Village in Gaurigunj. The aim of the training was to empower the family with income generating source. In 7 days of training program the basic of candle making skills and techniques were taught. Presently the training phase is over and now the trainees are independently making candles and have started selling on their own.

We are sure with your sponsorships many children will grow for a happy life. Many thanks for your generosity and kindness. On behalf of all the children and whole SOS Children’s Village Bharatpur family we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your great help and support.

Yours Sincerely,

Bhola Nath Paudel
Project Director