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In the wake of economic growth, many Ghanaians now enjoy improved living standards. For poor children, however, life is tough and life chances limited. That's why we support fragile families provide care to children with no one else in three locations in Ghana. … more about our charity work in Ghana

“SOS Children’s educational programme is one of the best in the world.”

Victor delivering a speech at SOAS
Victor delivering a speech at SOAS

Victor Ofosu attended the SOS Primary and Junior School in Tema, Ghana from the age of six. Here, he describes his experiences at the SOS School and why he believes the education he received gave him the confidence for his achievements later in life.

Victor has fond memories of his time at the SOS School. He says “I recall having good relationship with the teachers.” He also established lasting relationships with many of his classmates, and still keeps in touch with them today.

During his years at the SOS School, Victor’s favourite subjects included maths, social science, science (particularly physics) and vocational training. He took pride in the facilities provided in the science and technological departments in the school, which “were far advanced in comparison to the Ghanaian standard at the period.”

He says that the school was also well-equipped when it came to sports equipment and the activities on offer. “The school provided recommendable sporting activities and equipment which at the time considered the best in Ghanaian primary and high school education.” He also believes that the level of teaching was good quality and the range of subjects on offer varied. Victor particularly enjoyed visits and talks from foreign teachers and international figures held by the school, so much so that he considers them to be “some of the highlights during my years at SOS Children’s Village Grammar School.”

Victor believes that the SOS School is well integrated into the surrounding community, and remembers events held by the school designed to bring together children and families from the neighbourhood together. Victor says “The school held annual funfair events which were held as a form of community engagement. Such activities in my view brought the school and the community closer.” As all of our schools are permanent fixtures in the community, integration is a key aim of SOS Children’s projects.

Victor graduated the school in 1993 and went on to continue his education in the USA, attending Stanford High School at Connecticut and later moving on to study business, before specialising in International Politics. He is currently living in South East London, applying for a PHD programme and providing private tutoring in subjects ranging from economics, to information technology and sociology. He has also established his own organisation, Empowering Women, Empowering Nations (EWEN), promoting the advancement of women and young people. He says that the charity “provides education, advice and also organise campaign events.” 

Victor recognises that the education he received at the SOS School provided the foundations for his later achievements. He says “I am proud of SOS; the organisations’ activities have been prominent in my development. In respect to SOS’s educational programme, I feel it is one of the best in the world.”

In Tema, Ghana, we have a Primary School, Secondary School and an International College which all together educate more than 1,000 pupils. Worldwide, we have 205 SOS Schools. Find out more about SOS Schools and how you can help us to provide children with a quality education to prepare them for life.