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Sponsor a child for Christmas


A guide to taking out a gift child sponsorship with international charity SOS Children at Christmas.

"Love is what is in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen" ("unknown 8 year old")

Christmas gift for charity

If you are still wondering what to give for Christmas and you need a gift which really captures the spirit of Christmas why not sponsor a child as a Christmas present? We can set a child sponsorship for a friend, family or colleague for a Christmas present, it can all be set up on our website. Or perhaps this could be the one present that you buy entirely for yourself! Please explain in the special 'instructions' box on the secure child sponsorship form what you would like us to do.

If you complete the sponsorship application form before 13 December 2011, we will send the sponsorship pack (with details and a photo of the sponsored child) to you to hand over to the recipient on Christmas Day. For non-UK addresses, please do bear in mind the final Christmas posting dates from the UK when applying on line. You can set up the gift sponsorship at any time, so why not beat the rush and do it as soon as possible?

If you complete an application after 13 December 2011, we will do our very best to send a sponsorship pack in time for Christmas. If we are unable to, we will provide a letter or certificate for you to give to the gift recipient saying "a child has been sponsored for you and details will be sent very soon." We will send the full sponsorship pack to you to pass on as soon as possible in the New Year.

Around the world: SOS at Christmas

And there's nothing more magical than seeing a child's face on this special day. All the excitement of the build up to Christmas - decorating the Christmas tree and the house; preparing the traditional food special in their country and doing things according to the custom of the country. This makes it an exciting time for all.

The festive season and Christmas holidays are a time for SOS families to have parties, enjoy the school break and spend time with family. Christmas presents are placed under the Christmas tree or hidden for the children to find - gifts could be anything from balls, clothes, sweets, crayons or more.

All families from different religious backgrounds take part in the celebrations - even if only one family is Christian and the rest are Muslim or Hindu, for example - all SOS mothers and children will join in with the Christmas festivities. You can read more about how SOS children worldwide now enjoy Christmas celebrations in BangladeshSouth Africa, Cameroon and Nigeria.

If you are interested in other ways to help SOS Children through the festive time, you might like to take a look at our Christmas selection, or our Christmas ecards.

Thank you and we wish you a happy festive season.

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