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SOS Children's Villages began working in Kazakhstan in 1997 when the first community was established in Almaty, the former capital. There are now three Villages in the country caring for children between the age of eighteen months and 15 years … more about our charity work in Kazakhstan

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Temirtau, Kazakhstan

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Temirtau, Kazakhstan

A child sponsorship report from Temirtau in Kazakhstan. Written in 2011.

Dear sponsor,

One of the most beautiful seasons of the year, summer has arrived with warm and beautiful weather to “SOS Children’s Village Temirtau”. And through this report we are delighted to inform you about the recent changes and events that have taken place in the life of our village during first six months 2011.

Before going further we would like to take this chance to thank you sincerely for your finding opportunity to contribute to the life quality improvement of orphans and children deprived of parental care. Despite difficult financial situation whole world faces, you do help significantly to make our kids happy, to fill their hearts with love, care and belief. Since it is very important that children know they are not alone, they have not only SOS families, but someone else to make their dreams come true.

At the moment there are 73 children living in atmosphere of love and care in 12 SOS family houses. There were not admissions of new children so far, though we are planning to take children in summer; one girl left in spring due to re-unification with biological family.

Since the last reporting period many interesting events happened in the life of our village. In February village teenagers visited one of the main events of the year in sport life of Republic of Kazakhstan - the 7th Winter Asian Games. Boys and girls were spectators of opening ceremony, visited unique new sport objects in Astana (the capital of Kazakhstan); were active supporters for our hockey, figure skating, short-track. sportsmen. 

On 7th of April, the First Lady of Kazakhstan, Mrs. Sara Nazarbayeva visited our village. All children were looking forward to meet with her - to show how they grew up and to share their plans for future. Mrs. S. Nazarbayeva visited SOS family “Zhansya” where together with SOS mother Altyn live seven children. The youngest girl Dana, winner of the fifth republic contest “Tansholpan”, presented the honorable guest a hand-made colored tree. In her turn, Mrs. S. Nazarbayeva presented interactive board, personal computer and beamer to SOS Children’s village Temirtau children.

There is a tradition in our country (coming from soviet period) - after winter all citizens of each town participate in “cleaning day/week”: companies, factories, schools, colleges, etc. clean their territory and territory around. This year it was one day in end of April:  we prepared the ground for flowers planting, painted benches and street lamps, took out all garbage, etc. And culmination of the day - planting of young trees; this year we planted about 50 seedlings of apple trees. 

10th of May - international day of SOS mothers. And according to existing tradition in our village, this day two SOS mothers Umit and Altyn presented their experience to other mothers and SOS aunts - they shared their experience, problems and success, impressions, plans for future and vision of work in SOS Children. After, these two SOS mothers got a possibility to have rest in one of local rest zones.

Youth Facility Temirtau

In January 2011 the program of preparation and transfer to youngsters to Youth Facility (YF) was developed. The staff is selected and ready to start working. It is expected that in the nearest months the question with premises for YF will be solved. Village youngsters participate in various trainings and talks regarding their future habitation.

Family Strengthening Programme Temirtau

117 families with 253 children are beneficiaries of Family Strengthening Programme (FSP).  72% of them - families with HIV affection status; 5 children are HIV affected; 28% - poor families and families having many children.

Social workers of the project visit families on regular basis; each family has packet of documentation - agreement, family development plan, child development plan, family participation map, visiting diary. Social workers trace the dynamics of development of each family self-sufficiency.

We hope you are pleased with the information we are sharing with you. Being one of our best friends, you are making invaluable contribution into the future of our children and children of the entire world. On behalf of all children and the whole SOS organization we would like to express our gratitude for your help and support. We wish you to have a wonderful summer with full of unforgetable moments!

On behalf of our children and SOS mothers,

Mr. Valeriy Dubrovskiy
SOS Children’s Village Temirtau Director