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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Penonome, Panama

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Penonome, Panama

A child sponsorship report from Penonome in Panama. Written in 2011.

Dear sponsor,

We send warm greetings on behalf of all children and young people and we thank you all the support given to the SOS Children's Village Penonomé.  This year 2011, as every year, we began with great expectations, goals and plans that we hope to successfully meet, thanks to the unconditional support you give us every year.

Since March, in the SOS Children´s Village, the climate is quite cool with slightly strong breezes. When the months of April and May come in, it is getting hot, but the big hills that are in front, protect us. At present, the SOS Children´s Village is very quiet, with trees sprouting.

This year three young ladies have been welcomed to the SOS youth facility where there are 7 youngsters, in total. They have ages of 16 and 17 years and maintain a good behavior and interest in their studies. They were excited and sad, for change from their homes in the children's village to the life in the youth home.

There are 21 young men in three houses of the SOS youth homes, making a total of 28 young people in all the SOS youth homes, together. Five youngsters returned to live with their families of origin. This year, will be hired a new youth co-worker. The youth co-worker holder of the SOS Children´s Village Penonomé, is working at this moment as acting director at the SOS Children´s Village David.

This summer has much fun for all SOS families and each of its members. As every year, the SOS mothers and aunts enjoyed with the SOS children. They went to the river and to the beach camp Cresta del Mar in Santa Clara (at 40 minutes from the SOS village). A group of children went with their SOS mother to the magic city (amusement park) and enjoyed very much like a great family.

There are also several children and youngsters, who participated in painting and English classes. Twenty children participated in football leagues organized by the local community. And as every year, a group of teachers organized a kite making workshop, attended by 20 children.

On April 29, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the SOS Children's Village Penonomé. We had a thanksgiving mass, attended by SOS mothers with the SOS children. A cake was bought and children sang happy birthday to the village. Party bags were distributed to all children and a football game was organized, attended by teams from different schools of the community, where the SOS children attend.

A group of 25 young people participated in religious meetings organized by Catholic Church´s youth groups. In these gatherings they shared: reflection and spiritual formation.  Also 30 youngsters and adolescents, because of their good behavior, were rewarded with a trip to the Azuero International Fair in the province of Los Santos, (a next province in the south).

We said goodbye, waiting that the news of our lives in the village have been delightful. The children are the main target for our goals set for this year. It is through your unconditional support that allows us largely the success of every child and youngster.

Yours sincerely,
Dimas Montenegro
village director