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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Ondangwa, Namibia

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Ondangwa, Namibia

A child sponsorship report from Ondangwa in Namibia. Written in 2011.

Dear sponsor,

Once again we like to share some news of our SOS Children’s Village in Ondangwa with you.

The first few months of this year have been a difficult time for the residents of Ondangwa, due to the heavy rains that were experienced in this area. Residents had to be relocated and children had to attend school by crossing areas covered with water. The waters were so high, to the extent that it hindered the government social workers to do home visits (of the cases that fit our admissions criteria).  Thus, admissions were slow.

The SOS Children’s Village is currently home to 82 children following the admission of 19 children since January 2011. It did not take them long to adjust to the new environment. The continued psycho-social support from mothers and other co-workers has helped them to developed self confidence and social life skills. Our children are performing well at school given that most of them have never seen or attended formal education. The total number of children in formal school is 47: 36 have passed the 1st trimester exams with good marks while 11 have not done so well. We are proud that our children have consolidated the call for hard work. The SOS Children’s Village has placed 14 toddlers at the nursery for stimulation of their educational and social development and preparation for grade 1.

The SOS Children’s Village children are part of the social group called KAYEC through which they integrate with the community children. The program offers them the opportunity to learn and develop skills such as art, drama, cultural dances etc. It was a privilege for our children to participate in the celebrations of the commemoration of the 21st Independence of the Republic of Namibia. They, together with the community youth group, entertained the guest and the community with cultural dances and songs.

Although the SOS mothers are supporting the psycho-social development of the children, there is a need for experts in that field to help children with such challenges. A psychologist, Ms. Alina from Ongwediva Medical Park also visited the SOS Children’s Village with the aim to collaborate efforts to help children with psycho-social needs on a volunteer basis.

It was an immense honor to be invited to meet the King of the Aandonga tribe (one of the two biggest Owambo tribes), King Kauluma, to build a friendship that aims to benefit the children. The children were excited to see and talk to the King.  Equally, the King was enthusiastic to learn that the children in the care of SOS Children’s Village have not forgotten their culture and has expressed the importance of keeping a culture for the development of a child. He expressed his appreciation for the work we do as the SOS Children’s Village Organization and his willingness to visit the facility before the end of December 2011.

Once again our team wishes to thank you for your support, without none of this would have been possible.