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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Mexico City, Mexico

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Mexico City, Mexico

A child sponsorship report from Mexico City, Mexico. Written in 2011.

Dear sponsor:

In Mexico City SOS Children's Village, we all are very excited due to the important events we have experienced in our community.

Now, 71 children, adolescents and youth live within the Village Community. Seven youth live in the SOS Youth Community and other five youth are under assisted living. We have programmed to welcome more groups of little siblings.

On January 5th, the night before Epiphany’s Day, the children of the village wrote their letters to the “Reyes Magos” (“The Three Wise Men”, a Mexican tradition similar to “Saint Claus”, in which children get presents after writing a letter to them) and received their gifts from them on the next morning. We shared the traditional cake for that holiday and a company called 'Comercial Mexicana' made a breakfast for all the children, adolescents and youth. Younger children were given toys and felt very comfortable sharing them with their siblings and SOS mothers.

In February, each family got organized to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Some girls made foamy heart-shaped figures to give them as presents to their siblings and SOS mothers. This celebration was an opportunity to widely express the appreciation and love they feel for each other.

In late February we were given great news: the 2nd phase of construction was completed and there were only some details missing. This meant the celebration of the Village re-opening and all the arrangements began. Families proposed a several activities; in March, we began rehearsals in order to be ready for the celebrations we held in April.

But there were more nice things for children, adolescents and youth of the Village. We celebrated Children's Day with a rally. Various activities involving the whole community were carried out and some toys were given at the end of the celebration.

In May, children, adolescents and youth celebrated Mother's Day with their SOS mothers and SOS aunts. Each one of them expressed his appreciation to his mother or aunt by a small love letter, hugs, a special dinner or the traditional flowers, of course.

I would like to mention that since we have welcomed more children recently, the courtyards, playing grounds and patios look now full of life and joy with all the children of the Village. However, this would not be possible without your support, their joy and smiles are yours too.

I feel very excited and grateful while I write this letter, because I know the world financial situation is not good, but you still support us. I say goodbye wishing you the best and with enthusiasm to continue with the work we do and you trust in, so that every child is happy with the care, protection and love that only a family can provide.

Thank you!

Lic. Carlos Modesto Toriz Jarquín
SOS Children’s Village Mexico City Director