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Senegal is a relatively stable country where poverty nevertheless remains a problem for many. Children grow up in hazardous conditions, constantly at risk from child labour, trafficking and exploitation. In Dakar alone, it is estimated that over 7,000 children survive by begging on the street. SOS Children's Villages has been working to bring a better life to families in Senegal since 1977. … more about our charity work in Senegal

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Kaolack, Senegal

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Kaolack, Senegal

A child sponsorship report from Kaolack in Senegal. Written in 2011.

Dear sponsor,

Kaolack SOS children’s village located in Bongre district. IL welcomes 112 children (58 boys and 54 girls).they are divided into 12 family houses ruled by 12 mothers and 5 aunts.

During the year 2010-2011 the village has developed several activities in various fields.

The school results obtained are very satisfactory.

In the elementary school the moving up to the next class rate is 98%  and the elementary study end certificate is 100%.In the secondary school the moving up to the next class rate is 93%.

The socio-educational activities usually occupy an important place in the life of the village. So diverse activities have been fulfilled in the sport and cultural fields.

Concerning handy activities all workshops planned have been carried out. The most important ones are: serigraphy, dyeing, pottery, sanding and painting on picture.

This year the village has organised a mini holiday camp of 15 days in foundiougne city for 60 children, 10 of them are PRF and a patronage in September at SOS School. During those demonstrations the children have developed their skills and mannerliness in different fields such as handy, sport and cultural techniques.
Our children and young have taken part in football tournaments organised by the neighbouring community. Unfortunately they have been eliminated in the semi final.

The village has also a team of basket ball and handball at its disposal. The karate club celebrated its ninth official reception on June 12th in the village. The budokas of the town have been invited to the demonstration for sequences of exhibition shows.

For the second time our village has been chosen for organising the second edition of SOS children villages ASECS Olympiads. Those intense times of meeting and communion allowed to over 100 children of villages and PRF of Senegal and the neighbouring community to complete and emulate with keenness in the different cultural and sport activities.

The children of the village behaved well by winning the first prize in painting. They have been third at theatre and unfortunate finalists at wrestling. Night gatherings are organised at the end of each month.This year the village has brought a support to 30 young through a reinforcement programme inspired by standard 05 of SOS Children’s Village handbook (school follow up, school liveliness formation camp, training of educational communities’ instructors).Different festivals have been celebrated in the village. These are Christmas, Korité and Tabaski (sheep festival) Easter, March 8th Woman International day.

Several partners have visited the village among them we can quote an American team who initiating them to basket ball for a week. Somme doctors have also stayed in the village and have brought their contribution by consulting freely our children, mothers and other collaborators of the village.

For the year 2010 – 2011 the SOS village has made use of the child protection politics and will go on with its socio educational activities. An important audit tool will be put in place. It will be preceded to the reading of the SOS Children Village handbook. The following up will be better organised to allow our children and young improve their school level. The village will keep on working in collaboration with the reinforcement programmes with the family through different sport and cultural activities.

Kaolack SOS Village accommodates a nursery school of 4 classrooms (little, meduin and 2 great sections). Our children have been enrolled there and have been gelling initiated to logico mathematics, pre reading, prewriting in language, percivo motricity, graphism and have been learning to get socialised. The youngest go the district day nursery.

Once again the SOS Village thanks you vividly for your constant efforts regarding children who are confided to us.