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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Eldoret, Kenya

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Eldoret, Kenya

A child sponsorship report from Eldoret in Kenya. Written in 2011.

Dear sponsor,

As summer blooms around us this year, we remember and honour our dear sponsors once again.  It is said “Always live better than yesterday”; this is a promise to make each day of our life and that is why we are updating you on the activities in the village as well as our country.  

SOS Children’s Village Eldoret

We are happy to report of 4 new admissions in the village, and the three new houses are now almost full to capacity.  At the moment the village has a total of 141 children in the family houses and 103 youth; a total of 36 have success fully been integrated into the community

Academic update

A total of 10 children joined the kindergarten this year.  6 candidates who sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education made the entire village proud with their good performance, and they all received admissions to various secondary schools.  The two candidates who sat for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education were linked to a career counsellor to guide them in identifying the correct courses in relation to their future dreams and grades.

A session to encourage and challenge the children in their academic performance was held by the Village Educator and the Primary School Head teacher. This was done for the upper classes (grade 4-8) and the area of discussion was Time Management where the children were helped to develop study time tables that are workable. This is enabling them allocate time for their assignments, personal reading as well as revise well in preparation for the examinations.

Educational Tours

Children of class 1 to 3 were privileged to visit Kisumu where they had an opportunity to see Lake Victoria, the Impala Park, and Kisumu Museum among other places.  They were happy to see how fish is trapped in nets during fishing time at the lake.   On arrival at the Impala club they were amused to see big animals like the impalas, leopards, hyenas, jackals, ostrich and vervet monkeys.  Here they learnt that there are over 115 species of the mentioned animals which have been recorded at the park.  At the Kisumu Museum, they felt nice to see striking features of the museum which include a diverse collection of flora and fauna species. The most notable animals here are reptiles and amphibians. Finally, they enjoyed boat ride and sceneries of Nandi hills during their travel to and from the city.

Career guidance and Psychosocial support

In the village, both children and youth are benefiting from a psychosocial Programme where they are receiving counselling to address and resolve their problems, learn about making decisions and how to cope with life challenges. With this, they are taught how to develop personal insight and knowledge in working through their problems.

The School

The school has continued to post excellent performance at large and many activities have also been taking place; they include soccer, music & drama festival and scouting among others.  The school is happy to inform you about their scouts who participated in the 154th Founders day celebration which was held in February 2011 presided over by His Excellency the Vice President.  Twenty eight scouts represented the school and this was a good turn-up. 

At the secondary school, the year started on a high note as an increment in the number of students was recorded due to the good name they earned for their improved performance.  The number rose from 40 students to 72 and this gave an impression of the good work that the teachers are doing in the school.  It is also worth to note that the secondary section has a newly introduced game – ‘Rugby’, and a team of sevens has been made. They had their first tournament with a neighbouring school and despite not having a coach, the school team managed to score 9 and the neighbouring school had 12; this was a good trial.   

Family Strengthening Programme (FSP)

The family strengthening Programme has expanded and are doing a very good job.  Currently they have organised various programmes which support the community members and amongst them is the Psychosocial Support programme which takes care of both children’s and adults.  They have a Unity Children’s Club in each zone.  Here, the children are gathered together once a month as they undergo Art and Play therapy sessions.  In addition, Counselling and Life Skills for groups and individuals are offered to participants in each zone. 

It is also worth noting that in their education programme, a total of 198 participants attend school.  Some Kindergarten, Primary and secondary participants received scholarships, others received full School uniforms and stationery during the term.  The children in Primary performed fairly in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examinations in 2009 and 2010 respectively. This is just to mention a few of the excellent support activities they have in the community.

Yours sincerely

Gladys Mumbi

Sponsorship Coordinator