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Children in Mexico face violence on the street and in the home. On average, two children under the age of 14 have been murdered each day for the past two and a half decades. We work in eight key locations to ensure as many Mexican children as possible grow up in a safe family environment. … more about our charity work in Mexico

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Comitan, Mexico

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Comitan, Mexico

A child sponsorship report from Comitan in Mexico. Written in 2011.

Dear sponsor:

From the southeastern Mexico, in Comitan, Chiapas we send you a warm greeting. Also, we would like to provide you a brief summary of the activities and events experienced during this year within the 16 families of the Village.

The first thing we would like to talk about is the adolescents process of growing. The first Youth Community for girls started its preliminary activities last year and during 2011, we expect to see results and achievements of the 5 girls living there and other two that will join soon should be visible. It is important to mention that we will also begin the operations of the Youth Community for boys, although they are already participating from their Village in the SOS Youth Community.

Currently, the 16 families are made up by 103 children (43 girls and 59 boys), including 10 members of the SOS Youth Community (5 women and 5 men). Among them, there are 3 in the university, 10 in high school (7 girls and one of the boys will begin the university soon). Also, 7 guys will finish the secondary school, (5 of them are women). Furthermore, in elementary and secondary levels there has been an improvement in the performance.

For the holidays, families always get ready to go on a trip. But many of the children that have failed to learn the responsibility and commitment to their families have had to work harder to get the right to go out. During the Easter holidays, seven girls signed up to help families from the Tuxtla SOS Children's Village (it is the second  time they do this) and 24 adolescents signed up for a one-week workshop of agro-ecological activities. They also learned more about “eco-techniques for living” such as saving-heaters, fertilizing-latrines, adobe making, and water recycling. The experience and moments shared were really incredible.

The dynamics of the Village have involved the promotion of workshops and reflection sessions for the 16 mothers and aunts, workshops for the youth as well as leisure and recreational activities for children and adolescents. Monthly family meetings, which are for fun and to learn about Human Development, have been a success. At the sports class they learn about values, teamwork and respect.


Jorge Zavaleta Trujeque
SOS Children’s Village Comitan Director