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Spreading the word about SOS Children

Susan in South America before visiting a Children's Village
Susan in South America before visiting a Children's Village

Susan Stobbs has been volunteering for SOS Children for the last three years. She has dedicated hours of her time to championing our work, highlighting the situation for children across the world and inspiring others to get involved and make a difference.

Susan first became aware of SOS Children when she was a student in Cambridge. She says “at the time I thought what a wonderful charity it was, but, as with all students, I was so busy and had very little time or money to contribute.”

Years later when she retired, she was pleased to find out that the SOS Children office had remained in Cambridge, and were still very much in need of volunteers. She says “having spent my life raising aspirations and teaching young people in this country, I felt I wanted, in some way, to help those children in other countries who are less fortunate.”

As well as helping out in the SOS Children office regularly, Susan has started to give talks to community groups, to tell people about the lives of the children in the countries SOS Children work in, the projects we run, and how they can get involved. Already, she has given talks to a local church-based group, a Women’s Institute, and a local school. “Some like lots of pictures in a PowerPoint type presentation with lots of facts” she says “others (like the WI) just like a more personal talk.”

Susan has visited many of our Children’s Villages around the world, and she uses her experiences to inform her talks, often showing photos of her visit to the SOS Children’s Village in Quito in Ecuador. She says “I love exploring wild places in underdeveloped countries and knowing about the Villages adds a focus to my travels.”

Susan enjoys giving talks, and recognises the difference they make. “It is good to spread awareness by personal contact, rather than expensive national advertising, but it does mean that we all need to help as we can” she says. “I am not very good at organising coffee mornings or running a marathon to raise funds, but I am quite happy to talk to people about SOS Children, and they can make up their own minds as to whether they wish to contribute. So this is another way in which one can feel useful.”

Volunteer for SOS Children

A little of your time can make a big difference. Through volunteering in the UK for SOS Children your actions help raise awareness and funds for our projects around the world.

Volunteering gives you an opportunity to put your expertise and experience to the test, learn new skills, meet some great people and have your time make a difference.

Join our network of regional speakers

Inspire your community to help make a difference and take action for change. We are asking you to deliver engaging, inspiring and informed talks in your local area about the difficulties facing children around the world. If you believe in the work of SOS Children then this is your opportunity to champion what we do.

You don’t need to be from a professional background to be a regional speaker; all that is required is an enthusiasm for children’s rights and the work of SOS Children.

To find out more and to request an application form please email nishanik@soschildren.org.uk