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SOS mother Jennifer: It can be exhausting being a mother!

Jennifer is an experienced SOS mother from SOS Children’s Village Kakiri in Uganda. She recently welcomed two-year-old Leonarld into her family. Watch her son, Jimmy, interview her about the challenges and responsibilities of being a mother.

In her time as an SOS mother, Jennifer has raised many children as part of her SOS family. Currently mother of ten older children, when she welcomed baby Leonarld into her family, she was well-aware of the changes she needed to make to accommodate his needs. As with any young baby, Jennifer is awake two or three times a night.

One of her older sons, Jimmy, recently interviewed Jennifer about caring for babies, and the challenges SOS mothers can face as their children grow up. Jennifer says that, despite encountering difficulties along the way, she enjoys being a mother and believes it is her duty as a parent to raise her children well. She says “Children are a gift from God. Mothers have a duty to God to do their best for their children.”

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SOS Children’s Village Kakiri is home to 130 orphaned and abandoned children, who live as 13 families headed by SOS mothers. Find out more about our work in Uganda.