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In Laos, a staggering quarter of the population live in poverty, while most children face countless hardships every day. Life in the countryside is particularly bad. SOS Children's Villages has been increasing our role in the country since beginning work in Laos in 1995 … more about our charity work in Laos

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Pakse, Laos

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Pakse, Laos

A child sponsorship report from Pakse in Laos. Written in 2011.

Dear Sponsors,

For the 1st half of year 2011 our SOS Children’s Village Pakse has provided 208 children in total in which 115 children are living with love and safety in the Village.

At the heart of the SOS family child-care model is the lasting and stable relationship between the SOS mother and the children entrusted to her care. The SOS mother is the leader of the SOS family and is directly responsible for the care and development of each of her children. She guides them towards self-sufficiency and independence and leads the decision-making process for her children. Now 12 SOS mothers and 8 aunts have a good SOS spirit and  high responsibility to their duties for their beloved children. Untill now we are very proud that our 23 boys and girls in total  became independent and satisfied with their new life.

At Youth house:

18 young boys are living with joy,  safety and in good discipline under the good care and the strict guidance of their 2 strong educators.  All of them are proud to learn every day how to stand on their foot : they learn cooking and living in good and clean habit such as daily life after school or before to school they have the responsibility to finish the house works, cleaning off the room, to plant the vegetables which could provide to cuisine, the fruit trees (santol, guava, Jackfruit, longan, coconuts, sweet bananas, ripe papaya, mangoes). Almost of our youth boys are interested of sport such football, rattan ball, table tennis and petanque which is the most popular sport in their province. In weekends the youth activities are leaded by 2 educators to clean off inside and surrounding the youth house in order to prevent the infectious disease such hemorrhagic fever or dengue which could often appear in the actual raining season. In addition they pay closely of their study and their performance on learning in general were satisfied. All of them are very pleased to welcome their village mothers to pay visit regularly for them at least once a month.


The academic year 2010-2011 will be closed officially at the end of June; almost of our children are on grand vacation and they had a satisfied annual school result. Only 5 girls and 6 boys who are now in final year of high school, prepares with high intention the leaving examination which will be held in the 3rd week of this June. Our 4 children were the representatives of SOS school  to participate the best student contest in district level and received the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.  Our 2 girls and one boy from upper secondary level joined this contest in provincial level and received 3rd prize.


In February 2011 our children together with their mothers participated the great religious ceremony at  famous rocket Temple ( Watphou) which belongs of the 2nd world heritage site for 10 years ago.

On Lao New Year fest which held from 14 -16 April 2011; the atmosphere in the village was excited and vivacious on this 3 day activities program: On 1st day in earlier morning, there was a religious ceremony in Buddhist way with participation from 5 sacred and respected monks,  youth boys and girls from boarding school and hostel, following by a Baci traditional ceremony in wishing to each other a good health, success and peaceful life. On second day, the Buddha images will be cleaned with the perfumed water and asked for blessing to have a peaceful life.

The sand stupa was made in the temples near Mekong River: this is an old tradition to bring a lot of sand into the temples for the purpose of restoration work. On the 3rd day the activities program will be followed by sport competition on Petanque, between mothers, children and co-workers.

SOS nursery:

SOS nursery has provided 100 kids in total in which 2 come from our village, 4 received the scholarships. Some selected kids who have a talent on singing and dancing, belong of the entertainment team. They had an occasion to join the performance competition with others nurseries outside and won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. In addition they received 2 times per year the health and dentition examination from the medical doctors in district level.

Dear Friends and Dear Sponsors, your valuable support and your kind intention are really in our appreciation. Without your kind assistance we could not reach to our aims. On behalf of our children, their village mothers as well as everyone here, allow us to send you our deepest thinks with great gratitude for your kindness. We joined the SOS Pray in every evening for all of you to have a strong health and peaceful life.


Dr. Daovone Choumlivong
National Sponsorship Co-ordinator.