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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Maseru, Lesotho

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Maseru, Lesotho

A child sponsorship report from Maseru in Lesotho. Written in 2011.

Dear Friend,

We sent our special greetings from chilly SOS Children’s Village Maseru. We are grateful to have you as friend and supporter of our village because children entrusted to our care are able to grow happily and healthy with love and respect because of that support.

Our village is fully operational with children aged betweeen 3 and 16 with ages 7 years to 13 years forming the majority of the children in the village. However, it is not in full capacity due to the delay caused by the Ministry of Social Welfare in processing the placement of newly admitted children. The number of children has dropped  from 83 to 73 because, 10 children were moved into the youth home as they were; ready, completed STD 7 and mature enough to look after themselves.

There are seventy (70) applications for the vulnerable and orphanage children approved by the SOS child admission committee and submitted to the ministry of health and social welfare for approval. Among those seventy (70) new applications, seven (7) cases were found to be very vulnerable to death if no immediate action taken. Therefore the special arrangements were made to admit them in both SOS villages in Lesotho. Hopefully all other children will be admitted in both villages before the end of the year.

Those in the village including the four who were admitted this year are fully settled both in their families and in the village at large. They interact well with other children from the neighbouring communities. They engage in different extra mural activities comprising gymnastics, soccer ,volleyball, rock climbing, swimming, tree planting and church activities. They participate in different tournaments and competitions and win trophies. They also work effectively and actively  with organizations like Kick for Life and Durham Link. They were once invited to a wedding as best ladies, they enjoyed themselves.

Other facilities are still doing well; in the Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) there are 596 children from the programme enrolled in their respective schools. Four (4) orphaned and vulnerable children from FSP-Maseru have been admitted in the SOS children’s village Quthing. 

The primary school has started its activities so successfully. The school has a total roll of 525 children for the year 2011.The class five’s (5’s) had a workshop in ecology held by Durham Link Lesotho. In mid-year examinations, a majority of pupils had performed well generally. Those who had challenged were given special attention during the school holidays where their challenges were attended to on a one to one session (teacher to child) to help the pupils pick up and improve.

The Kindergarten facility has a total roll of 149 pupils. Compared to last year the roll has increased significantly well even though it is still difficult to attain a large number from the vulnerable and destitute children due to various reasons beyond our control. The majority of pupils are from community that can afford to pay its fees we only have five children supported by SOS Children’s Villages, two from the family based care and three from the family strengthening programme.

The SOS Health Center is still continuing its commitment of serving family based care children and mothers, family strengthening programme beneficiaries and community patients with dignity and integrity and keeping up high quality standards.

We want to thank you very much for your continued support through which not only children are able to benefit but even core care workers are able to receive trainings that will help them take good care of these children entrusted to their care. It is through your support that SOS mothers, Aunts, maintenance staff, gardening and cleaners received training on child rights which is very helpful for them to know and not violate the rights in upbringing of the children.

Once more thank you.  We wish you and all your loved ones all the best for the rest of year and many more years to come.

I remain yours sincerely

Nerea Ramokotjo 

Sponsorship Coordinator