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In 1992, SOS Children's Villages established an emergency relief programme in Tete when the harvest failed because of drought throughout southern Africa. Since then, the programme has been repeated annually with the aid focused on children suffering from malnutrition, mothers and pregnant women. An outreach programme for children in neighbouring villages was set up in 1995 which provides day care and regular meals for over one hundred small children … more about our charity work in Mozambique

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Maputo, Mozambique

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Maputo, Mozambique

A child sponsorship report from Maputo in Mozambique. Written in 2011.

Dear Sponsor,

We are very pleased for one more chance we have now to get in touch with you, and first of all we would like to thank you for continuing with your support, which gives us the possibility of providing a home and a family for the children we shelter at this SOS Children’ s Village Maputo. Fortunately we have not had problems of serious sicknesses among the village; of course that where children live are small injuries, coughs and flu could not be absent.

The main issue of this report is to give you general information of what your contributions have been enabling us to do. The village is now a home for 151 children, this, after the last received 15 children. These children were welcomed to this SOS Village last March and they are already integrated into school or kindergarten as according to their ages. And, what’s more important, they are integrated to this SOS Village’s daily routine. These children are distributed in 15 family houses and in each house live 10 to 11 children. There is a mother who stays with them 24 hours a day, as a way of ensuring that these children do not have to feel the absence of their biological parents. The environment in the family house is the same as in a normal family in the community. Children treat each other as brothers and sisters and they have a mother as their biological mother.

We believe that the events in which these children have participated have been of a great help for their social integration. That is the reason why we try to make them interact with other children who do not live in an SOS Village. Some children attend dance lessons and other ones practice sports as football, basketball and other kind of sports. Fortunately we have been invited to participate in many social events. One in which SOS children participated and do not forget was the “Marcha pela Paz” – (Peace March in English). They were all dressed in white and carrying white inscriptions claiming for Peace in the World. At Easter the Village was visited by a group of various religious congregations. The purpose of the visit was to teach to these SOS Children more about the meaning of Easter. The children loved the visit, and they had the chance of watching many movies and Cartoons about Easter. Now the children are looking forward the commemoration of the 16th African Child’s Day after commemorating the 1st of June the International Child’s Day; not forgetting the 23rd and 25th June which are SOS Day and Mozambican Independence Day respectively. The village is already in the bustle of these days celebration’s preparation.

The boys and girls who live at the youth facilities are also preparing their-selves for their independent life. Fortunately this has not been so difficult for them. The main challenge they are facing now is the unemployment. Many of these youths are attending Universities or high schools but it is still very difficult for them to find jobs. They do not give up so easily and as a way of making easy the seeking of job, they continue studying and whenever it is possible they attend extracurricular courses as a way of enriching their curriculum. One boy who lives in the first boys youth facility is attending the last year of the Informatics Engineering course. As he is finishing the course, he was sent for an apprenticeship and the enterprise where he was having the apprenticeship liked his job and decided to have the boy working for the company.

The SOS Primary and Secondary school continues one of the best schools in Maputo. Its semi-boarding regime and the quality of its education are its visit cards. Many fathers prefer to enroll their children at this school because they can work unworried and sure that their children are being well educated and in safe place.

The SOS nursery’s services are also mostly looked for. The nursery is even working out of its capacity. We had to open an exception so that the demand could be met. The parents are sure that Children who attend this nursery are being very well prepared to attend the proper school, and they normally do not face many problems during their integration process. They finish the last (5th year) while they are able to write and read, which has been a big challenge for children who do not attend pre-school.

The Social Centre now well known as “Family Strengthening Programme (FSP)” continues the only way SOS has of helping children who for many reasons could not be sheltered inside the village. Not only children but also youths and the whole families become the FSP beneficiaries. The children and youths have been granted scholarships and their families are benefit from home based care and food security programmes. The FSP has a talented and committed team which guarantees that the community is being very well taken care of. It is very gratifying to see the satisfaction and gladness faces of the beneficiaries whenever we pay them a visit.

Dear sponsor, we know that some sheets of paper are not enough for us to display our gratitude for what you have been enabling us to do with your kindhearted support and contributions, but we would like to thank you very much for every support that you give to this SOS Children’s Village Maputo. The children are happy for the chance of living in this place which has been turned into “a loving home” for them thanks to your contribution.

Yours sincerely,

Grey Meque gruno