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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Leh Ladakh, North India

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Leh Ladakh, North India

A child sponsorship report about Tibetan children in North India. Written in 2011.

Dear sponsor, 

In our continued effort to develop our relationship with you, we publish periodic newsletters to keep you informed of what's happening, how your donations are making a difference and some other interesting stuff.

With your continued support and unselfish love, The Tibetan Children’s Villages (TCV) is taking care of thousands of Tibetan Refugee children throughout India providing home and education. We give free education according to the ability of the children. Those who are academically not sound are guided into vocational training courses to build a foundation for their future. 

The responsibility of the placement of the orphan and semi-orphan children after completing their education is also taken care by the TCV. Apart from this, TCV also takes care of many old people who have no one to look after them. TCV is presently taking care of 16,500 Tibetan refugee children.

TCV Leh which comprises of 7 village schools takes care of 2154 children at present. Despite such a huge number of children and many branch-Schools, our village School flourish and blossom like one big happy family!

Besides providing education to the Tibetan refugee students, the number of Local Ladakhi children seeking admission is also in the increase every year. We welcomed 15 orphan & poor local children as they come from families hit by the last year’s cloud burst. These children come from the remotest places like Jangthang, Nubra and Sham regions; bereft even of the basic necessities. 

All the TCV students celebrated the Tibetan New Year from 5-7 March 2011 in the traditional way. Ladakh TCV inaugurated the first two Old Age Homes on the 2nd day of the Tibetan New Year. The homes funded by the Province of Bolzano, Italy, were inaugurated by President Luis Durnwalder. That was an auspicious beginning to fulfill good deeds throughout the year.

On April 4th all the students participated in the earthquake safety drill conducted by Geo Hazards and Library of Tibetan Works and Archives (LTWA). Everyone sincerely participated and it proved very effective and beneficial. 

Ms. Anna Gerosa from Italy provided a rare opportunity for 23 most destitute and orphan children of TCV Ladakh to visit places in and around Dehradun, Delhi and Bodh Gaya.

TCV Ladakh was blessed by the visit of Gyalwa Karmapa Rinpoche on the 17th of April. Gyalwa Karmapa not only inspired the students and staff members with a brief but effective speech, Rinpoche also consecrated new hostels and homes. 

Mrs. Tenzin Palmo, the English resource teacher of TCV schools visited TCV Ladakh from 16th to 30th April to tutor the primary teachers on the theme 'Readers Theatre' aimed to evoke students’ interest in reading. The workshop proved to be very useful. She also took out time to give a brief workshop for the senior teachers as well.

With a clear vision in mind and determination in our hearts, we are meticulously working towards the upliftment of socially marginalized children and old age people. We ensure that these children do not have to live with the stigma of being 'children of workers' or orphan children. We thank you sincerely once again for your continued support without which our work is impossible.

Tsering Palden (Mr.)