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Following the outbreak of the civil war in 1994, SOS Children's Villages set up an emergency home for abadoned and orphaned children in Ngarama, together with a feeding centre for refugee mothers and children … more about our charity work in Rwanda

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Kigali, Rwanda

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Kigali, Rwanda

A child sponsorship report from Kigali in Rwanda. Written in 2011.

Dear sponsor,

We would like on behalf of children and staff of SOS Children's Village Kigali send to you our sincere greetings and take this opportunity to update to you on recent news of our village. The SOS Village life is proceeding on normally.

The SOS Children's Village Kigali currently has 150 children (85 boys and 65 girls) and 118 youths (54 boys and 64 girls).  In January, we welcomed 14 new pupils (11 boys and three girls) among them a baby of five months was admitted. They have been examined by our Medical Center and some cases of malnutrition were reported. A special diet was given to them. Currently, most of these children are healthy.

The International Women's Day was celebrated on 8th March in our village. On this occasion, a conference debate was moderated by a member of a National Organization of Women (PROFEMME TWESEHAMWE) under the theme "Development of women through training and well done jobs."  The SOS Village also hosted temporally 23 children with four mothers of the new SOS Children’s Village Kayonza which was inaugurated 6th May, 2011 by Her Royal Highness Princess Benedicte from Denmark.

On 21st April will be a memorable date in the history of our village because for the first time, to mark the 17th anniversary of the genocide of Tutsi in 1994, we organized a vigil of mourning in the village in memory of our six children killed in the SOS Children’s Village of Gikongoro, two other youths killed in Kigali town and our three former SOS employees. SOS mothers, children, youths, parents of the victims and the local government, participated in this commemoration night around the fire as required by our culture.

On 4th May, the SOS Village was visited by the Danish Princess Benedicte, who had come to inaugurate the new SOS Children's Village Kayonza. In a festive atmosphere, she was welcomed by the SOS staff and SOS children. She visited the SOS Village, the SOS Nursery, Primary School and training center for mothers. She also shared lunch with the children of a house in our village.  In the afternoon, she visited the Tutsi Genocide Memorial Centre located at Gisozi in Kigali.

Our SOS Youths Community currently hosts 118 youths as outlined above, in five homes there are 91 youths and in semi-independent houses, there are 27 youths. The number of university students is 28 and 86 students in the senior secondary school. The secondary vocational education is attended by a young boy and three grown up girls.  7 SOS youths who sat for the senior secondary School examinations, managed to pass at a rate of 100%. They were all oriented in two private universities.

SOS Technical School Kigali currently has 214 students among whom 41 are from SOS and 39 from the SOS Family strengthening Programme (FSP).  All the 51 candidates of this School who sat for the end of senior secondary school were all successful. Training of trainers took place in the fields of computer, electricity, computerized accounting and English.  The extension of the school was opened earlier this year; dormitories for 54 girls and two workshops of electricity and carpentry were accomplished and are functional.

The SOS Primary School in Kigali has a total of 631 students of which 99 are SOS Children (54 boys and 45 girls). The SOS Kindergarten is attended by 90 children of whom 33 are of SOS (21 boys and 12 girls).

The SOS Medical Centre in Kigali has an average of 20 patients per day.  The most frequent pathologies are: respiratory infections, intestinal parasites, rheumatism, skin diseases and dental diseases. Currently, we observe a significant reduction of malaria (one case treated in March). The secretary of the Medical Centre was transferred to the administration of SOS Children's Village Kigali and she is now a permanent staff member at SOSCV. Kigali.

The Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) assists 250 children including 134 girls and 116 boys divided into 104 families. Of these, 14 attend the nursery(9 children at SOS Nursery), 119 children attend primary schools (44 at SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary School), 94 in high school (9 are at the SOS High Technical school), 5 attend the professional training centers and 19 students are finalists in the senior secondary school.

We reiterate once again, dear sponsor, our deepest thanks for your dedication to the education of children and SOS youths of our SOS Children’s Village.


Village Director