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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Cuzco, Peru

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Cuzco, Peru

A child sponsorship report from Cuzco in Peru. Written in 2011.

Dear sponsors:

We are so pleased to give you herewith our best regards and to share with some of the most relevant events occurred in our SOS Children´s Village Cuzco in these last six months.

The SOS Children´s Village Cuzco shelters currently 114 children and youths who are at home in the 13 family houses (one of them external), while 30 young people made the choice for other housing options, such as Families of Origin, Supervised Non-Resident, and Youth Facility.

In the framework of the Families of Origin Approach (former Family Strengthening Programme) benefits 924 children in risk and their families through the different services provided at the Social Center and at the Childminding Programmes. Led by their community leaders and SOS Facilitators, these beneficiaries organize different activities, including a fundraising campaign in order to improve the recreational area on behalf of the children of the Social Center. As usual for this kind of activities, families, friends, supporting companies, and the community in general participated enthusiastically and reached the goal set.

In Families SOS (former Family-based care programme) different activities are permanently being carried out, which reveals the proactive spirit of the village community. Starting the year we signed an agreement with the CDE (Entrepreneurial Development Center) thanks to which we help our young people develop their enterprising spirit by means of weekly workshops, where they are encouraged to prepare their own business projects and to develop business ideas, thus stimulating their creativity with their own resources. They also take part in entrepreneurial contest with their business proposals. An integration trip to the fortress of Sacsayhuaman was organized with the aim of helping children and youths strengthen the family bonds through games, where children, mothers, and co-workers could take part in.

An Encounter with the families of origin of the children and youths took place, where they actively took part in and committed to gather quarterly to participate in the workshops and activities organized by the organization, thus bringing them closer to their families of origin.

Based on the right of the children to an identity, we established an Alliance with ‘Micro-Justicia’ which provides legal counseling for the rectification of first and last names, so that no errors could be reported when registering the children, which has always been a very common problem in most of the municipalities of remote towns of the highlands.

In June workshops dealing with topics such as Sexuality and Self-esteem were held aimed at a group of Young women in the framework of the Formation Programme for Young People living in Children´s Villages. These workshops took place in the thermal water springs of Lares. It was a very positive experience that allowed us to get closer to the young people and then to share their personal experiences and express their feelings and opinions.

Short personal development workshops are held on Sundays led by our Youth Development Coworkers. Our young people divided in different age groups discuss about different topics such as alcoholism, drug addiction, sexuality, compulsive gambling, vocational guidance, among others. All of these workshops are held in the framework of networks and roundtables with which we cooperate.

This year we were granted financial support by the Mattel Foundation to partially reconstruct the surrounding walls of our Children´s Village that were damaged by the rain in the last two years.

Dearest friends, life here in the Children´s Village is really a box full of surprises. There are always stories to tell, some of them long, some of them short, sometimes sad, sometimes joyful, but always unforgettable and most of the time with a happy ending. Thank you so much for making these stories true, and for helping many children and young people live them.

In deep gratitude,

Miguel Arévalo Ángeles
SOS Children´s Village Cuzco