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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Viet Tri, Vietnam

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Viet Tri, Vietnam

A child sponsorship report from Viet Tri in Vietnam. Written in 2011.

Dear Sponsors,

We would like to send you lovely sunny greetings from the SOS Children’s Village Viet Tri. Sitting under the green trees besides the red roof houses of SOS Children’s Village Viet Tri, listening to the laugh of our children playing games together, seeing them in groups going to school with their childhood smiling and happy faces. We remember of you, who have composed the nice and live pictures of life in our SOS Children’s Village Viet Tri. Summer has arrived here, taking this chance, we would like to thank you and inform you all the new changes in our SOS Children’s Village Viet Tri for the first half of 2011.

A lovely home for every child

Everyone wants to have his family house with love and care from their parents. We are here in SOS Children’s Village Viettri to make the desires of the destitute children come true. Thanks to your continuous kind helps over last ten years, we have made the Village become a sweet home for 230 children from every corner of the four provinces nearby (including 6 new kids from the beginning of this year). It seems that the Village is a cozy home to them. The new comers are convinced and absorbed by the good care of the mothers, aunts and co-workers, and also by friendliness and share from other children living in the Village. It takes just a little time for the new kids to make acquaintance to the life here.

There are 17 matured boys and girls (including the children reaching semi-independent and independent life). Among them, 5 girls have got married and three of them have had babies. Though they are independent and they do not get financial support from us any more, they usually come back to the village to see their SOS mothers, brothers and sisters on weekends, days-off, mothers’ birthdays as well as the national events. Some of them help their SOS mothers do the housework, others accompany brothers and sisters to go shopping, older boys could help their mothers repair simple home appliance or electric equipments thanks to the knowledge they got from schools.

Academic progress

Following on the SOS-siblings, the children from the Village have made all their efforts in learning and obeyed well the timetable at home. Some of them have independently studied and they have been building themselves the study plans. In addition, some families had a good, comfortable and effective studying atmosphere where the children were very self-conscious and hard-working. Older brothers and sisters taught younger ones to do homework or classmates learned in groups. That is why the number of children who got excellent and fair results is higher than last year’s at the rate of over 65%, the rest students were at average. And all of them were transferred to high study.

This year, there are 12 school girls and boys from the Village, who will apply for their senior school and do the entrance exam of universities and colleges. As usual, representatives of the Village have an exchange with the children to listen to their desires of which school and which careers they wish to follow. Then we give them the best guides and encouragement. They are now sprinting with lessons to prepare for the two coming examinations that take place at the early June and at the mid July.

Extracurricular activities and festival

Like other SOS children’s villages, our children also get many extra curriculums and activities. They are clubs, art teams in which the children get involved in classes of music, drawing and housework.

Many shows and sports activities are organized regularly for our SOS children: Such as chess clubs, music teams, drawing and traditional culture course or gender education. All these activities are performed fruitfully. All the activities aim at giving the children full development both in mentality and physicality.

Especially, in co-ordination with Vietnam Youth Newspaper & Petro Vietnam Drilling and well services corporation, a Football Championship is held for SOS Children’s Villages in Vietnam. Twelve teams come from 12 SOS Villages in Vietnam have been joining the football prize in Danang City from 29th of May to 4th of June. This is a good chance for our SOS children to meet each other in a popular sport tournament and share the experience. That also enables them to be more self-confident in their duration of studying and training.

Besides, the mothers and aunts’ club is a forum for them to exchange experience in caring children, exchange culture with local social organizations, and talk about news in all over the world.

One of our Village’s special events was the visiting and presenting gifts of His Excellency Ambassador of Royal Norway and his wife. The Village’s children had a chance to perform a music show to welcome our distinguish guests. His Excellency Ambassador and his wife then had a warm lunch together with mothers, aunts and co-workers of the projects in Viettri. He was impressed by the foods, especially Spring-rolls (Nem in Vietnamese) made by the mothers and aunts.

All the new changes in the first half of the year 2011 mentioned above are the news and development of the SOS Children’s Village Viettri that we would like to share with you. We are extremely grateful to you for your attention and help and wish you and your family a great summer holiday.

Yours Sincerely,

Nguyễn Văn Hải
SOS Children’s Village Việt Trì