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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Colon, Panama

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Colon, Panama

A child sponsorship report from Colon in Panama. Written in 2011.

Dear sponsors,

We appreciate the contributions you made on behalf of children and youth from SOS Children's Villages. We are glad about your prioritization to contribute to meet the needs of the children living in the SOS Children's Village Colón.

The climate in the province of Colon is hot and humid. We are located on the shores of the Caribbean sea, therefore, the city that hosts this village is a 100% port. In the houses of the SOS village, it is very hot at all times, so, fans are used day and night.

The village is occupied by a number of 67 children and adolescents. We are in the process of welcoming five children.

In recent months, the main thing in the SOS village is that children and adolescents are immersed in their studies.  Especially in these days at the end of May, they are presenting their exams closing the first academic quarter that began in March. During these months, they have being devoted only to academics and extracurricular activities including: swimming, football, Special Olympics and most of the children are involved in Scouts.

In February 2011, we welcomed five siblings.  They are developing a process of attachment to the SOS family where they were welcomed in a very manageable way. They share with respect to his aunt SOS and SOS sisters. They are developing habits of organize their belongings, meet their school assignments and all are integrated into the activities of the Scout Group.

One of the boys, who attend a swimming club, has developed such good times on the interprovincial competitions that have qualified for participation in an international competition to be held in the Republic of Honduras. This boy is 9 years, attends to the fourth grade and comes from a country side community, where there is a large river. For that reason, it is common for early age children to exercise in learning to swim; fish and sail on the river.

In the Republic of Panama is very new that the government is trying to modernize public transport, with buses circulation with specifications of safety, hygiene and order for the passengers´ transportation. The State pays the wages of those buses drivers (something truly historic in Panama). Along with the launched movement of these buses were enabled exclusive spaces in which the buses will circulate in the future. This process has been launched first in Panama City.

In the province of Colon, it is noteworthy the on building of the last 15 kilometers of the expressway that link the province of Colon and Panama City, capital of the country.

Also is good news that the State is showing an increased support for social investment in education. It is supplying the school public elementary and junior basic schools with Spanish, natural sciences, social sciences and mathematics books. At the same time is providing school vouchers to public levels of primary, lower and middle secondary school of $ 100.00 dollars to purchase uniforms and school supplies. These have also benefited the children of this SOS village.

Best regards and best wishes for you and your family.

Yours sincerely,

Melva Acuña
village director