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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Urumqi, China

Children from Urumqi playing instruments
Children from Urumqi playing instruments

A child sponsorship report from Urumqi in China. Written in 2011.

Dear Sponsors,

We are very glad to tell you the development of SOS Children’s Village Urumqi in the past half a year. 

In our adults’ eyes, Spring Festival is always the same. But in kids’ eyes, it is always different and new. Right on the eve of the Spring Festival, we have a heavy snow. Our children are so happy to have so much snow at the festival. During the festival, many children are taken out for a skiing for the first time. At the skiing spot, they learn some basics of skiing with the help from a coach. Some youths almost can ski on the own after only a day’s practice. 

As schools start, many of our children face very important exams, for they are going to a different school next school term. Twenty-two of them are about to finish their 9-year compulsory schooling in June, and they have to have a comprehensive high school entrance exam. And two of them will finish their high school and have their college entrance exam. Right now they are looking forward to the exams, which are to decide their education followed. 

Two months ago, two youths move out of their family homes and into the SOS youth home. Up to now, 37 youths share 4 two-bedroom flats in the SOS youth home. 

Youths have a lot of energy and always want to be a part of any activity. This year the youth leader organizes many kinds of social activities to help them to take advantage of their energy, such as public behavior training programs & camps, basketball games, mountain climbing, and hiking. Youths seems to enjoy themselves very much in these activities. Their favorite activities are hiking and mountain climbing, because they love to have such chances to be away from the polluted city for some fresh air. 

As more and more residential buildings have been built close to our village, more and more children in our neighborhood want to have daycare in our Nursery. Early this year, the number of nursery kids amount to over 200. Among them, only 10 are from the SOS Children’s Village. According to local government regulation, our nursery can only take a capacity of 200 children. For the reason, we have to persuade some parents to have their kids taken care of in some other nurseries. 

At the end of last year, local government approved to funds to build a social center in our village. Right now, the social center is under construction. It will be completed in October. We are sure that after it completion we would offer better help to our children and people in our neighboring community as well.

Dear Sponsors, your kind help and support make us to offer help to both our children and some local needy families. We want to thank you very much in this letter. We also would like to wish you a fine and pleasant summer.

Best Wishes,

Montee Wang

SOS Children’s Village Urumqi