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In Russia, more than one in ten people live in poverty. This means many children grow up amid deprivation and with limited life chances. At our six SOS Children's Villages, we offer love and care to some of the most vulnerable, and help local families provide a strong, stable environment as their children grow up. … more about our charity work in Russia

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Kandalaksha, Russia

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Kandalaksha, Russia

A child sponsorship report from Kandalaksha in Russia. Written in 2011.

Dear Sponsors,

In 2011, the SOS Children’s Village Kandalaksha turned eight years old. During this period, 87 children came to live at SOS Kandalaksha. Ten of them returned to live with their parents or relatives and one girl was adopted. At present there are 73 children living in the Village. 72 of them attend school, one child goes to the nursery. One boy is most successful at school having only excellent marks. Ten kids get good and excellent marks.

The children of the Village are always delighted with entertaining events. At the end of October a culinary fair “Cowberry feast” was held. Every SOS Family Home was a team that invented a name and funny mottos. Preparing for the feast the children together with their SOS Mothers baked a lot of pies, bunnies and cheese pastry that were sold to the guests of the fair. Folk groups and music ensembles performed during the concert. At the end every participant got a diploma and a sweet prize. In November the children from the Village received certificates and gifts (drawing sets) for taking part in the Regional children’s crafts competition. The end of November was marked by the celebration of Mother’s Day. Congratulations for the SOS Mothers were prepared by the Village children and artists from the town cultural centre. The children demonstrated the skills in singing, dancing, reciting poems. Then the SOS Mother and the children took part in various contests and competitions. 

As usual there were many guests during the year. In December, SOS Children’s Village Kandlaksha hosted one of them - a scientist and a traveller from Hong-Kong, Charlie Frew. His visit was a part of charitable motor rally from Hong-Kong to Portugal. Mr. Frew studied climate in different countries and interviewed people about global warming. The fundraised money he plans to donate to different charitable organizations, SOS Children’s Villages among them. 

The Village staff also pays great attention to cultural development of the children. In November, the kids listened to the duet «Music Land» (the guitar and the violin) from Murmansk philharmonic performing classic music by Paganini and Tchaikovsky. In December a folk group “Zabava” (Fun) from the town cultural centre sang folk and modern songs which the children appreciated very much.

At the beginning of June, twelve children of SOS Children’s Village Kandlaksha, under the leadership of the Village Director, and a social teacher went hiking along the White Sea shore. They were lucky with a wonderful weather and enjoyed fishing, playing active games and barbequing. Numerous pictures were taken, many songs were sung.

As in Russia the summer school holiday starts from June 1 most of the children have already left for their summer rest. This summer they will stay at the Black and Azov Sea shores, in the town of Volgograd, Astrakhan, in the Republic of Karelia, in the Apatite Mountains, in Moscow Region and in the Republic of Belorussia. They will visit their SOS Mothers relatives and go to the children’s and youth camps. The elder children will also work in school labour brigades that clean the streets of Kandalaksha. 

These wonderful holidays and everyday routine, the success of our children at school and getting professions by them, going to aqua-parks and participating in sport and art events – all this is possible due to your long term support and help. Thank you for giving chance for the children to be happy in the SOS home surrounded with love and care. We wish you a lot of success in your life and work.

Yours sincerely,

Polina Zimarina

National Sponsorship Co-ordinator