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Over two thirds of Nigerians live in poverty. For many children, life is extremely difficult and their life chances limited. In four key locations, we provide a home, a family and opportunities so that the most disadvantaged can enjoy a happy childhood and success in adult life. … more about our charity work in Nigeria

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Gwagwalada, Nigeria

Children from Gwagwalada, Nigeria performing a dance
Children from Gwagwalada, Nigeria performing a dance

A child sponsorship report from Gwagwalada in Nigeria. Written in 2011.

Dear Sponsors,

With deep sense of gratitude we sincerely write you on behalf of children and staff of SOS Children’s Village Gwagwalada thanking you for your continuous support. Your gifts, letters and financial contribution have helped us immensely to care and protect our children and also reach out to more children who are in need. We are indeed grateful for your kindness and commitment to our work.

Presently, we have 98 children; 53 girls and 45 boys living in our Village and being cared for by professional SOS Mothers and Aunties.  51 of them are in Nursery and 27 in Primary School.

Our children are hale and hearty; they receive quality medical care at our SOS Village Medical Centre. Cases that were beyond what our nurses could manage were usually referred to specialist hospitals in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

In March, the village cultural group made up of our children performed at The Law School Abuja on the invitation of students and lecturers who celebrated their birthdays.  It was a good performance greeted with loud ovation by celebrants and guests, who were all enthusiastic to identify with our village. It was quite a rewarding occasion as our children made new friends, and some of them who have ambition of becoming lawyers in future had the opportunity to interact with members of the legal profession.

Family Strengthening Programme

Giant strides are being made as we have continued to support more children in the community. At the moment we give various supports to 196 children in Gwagwalada Community and its environs.

  • Health support in the areas of payment of hospital bills, purchase of prescribed drugs and health counseling was given to some children participating in the programme.
  • Food parcels were distributed to beneficiaries twice within the period under review to improve their wellbeing. The food items include Rice, Beans, maize, vegetable oil and salt.
  • We also gave educational support to 55 children in the community ranging from payment of school fees, procurement of school uniforms, writing materials, textbooks and other school needs. Besides, we have supported 25 out-of-school children to go back to school.

We have continued to build the capacity of our co-workers to deliver quality child care service via workshops and seminars. In March this year the National Sponsorship Coordinator organized a training programme for all co-workers. It was very educative and enlightening as participants are now better informed on sponsorship services.

The village still lack access to portable water.  Effort by an oil company recently to sink a borehole that will solve our water problem is yet to yield result. Meanwhile, we have continued to discuss with the Water Corporation to see the possibility of connecting the village to public water supply.  To meet our water needs, we buy from water vendors and this is eating deep into our resources.  We are however hopeful that this would be sorted out soon.

Once more we say thanks a lot for your assistance and God Bless you.

Kind regards,

Mr Sule Kehinde
Acting Village Director
June 2011