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1988 saw the first SOS Children's Village open in Tanzania at Zanzibar, followed by a children's village at Arusha and Dar es Salaam. Over 150 are cared for in loving family homes at these locations and more than 700 children from the local communities attend SOS Nursery and Primary schools as well as the SOS Social Centre at Arusha. … more about our charity work in Tanzania

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Arusha, Tanzania

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Arusha, Tanzania

A child sponsorship report from Arusha in Tanzania. Written in 2011.

Dear Sponsors,

Once again I am privileged to bring you hearty greetings from SOS Children’s Village Arusha.  While high fuel prices, inflation and power rationing pose a threat to our country economy the amount of rainfall received this year is low and the situation of food may not be good because agricultural activities depend largely on rainwater. As a result the prices of food commodities have also gone high.

We thank God that our Village has remained safe and intact and therefore provide a loving home for 117 children and youth. Among them 4 are in Ghana International College, 53 attending SOS Secondary school, 50 in SOS Primary school and 9 at our SOS Nursery. We are expecting to admit 50 needy children this year following completion of 5 more family houses and 2 youth homes. Some of the children who fall into our admission criteria have been identified already. However furnishing of the houses is on the final stages while recruitment of mothers and training is already completed. The expansion also includes medical centre and social centre.

Workshops & Trainings

Since our organization is committed to staff development to enhance the quality of care provided to children, various trainings were conducted including SOS Children’s Village Brand workshop, Risk register management workshop, Advocacy seminar, Award programmer seminar and Social skills Award seminar. Different staff attended these workshops as per their role in the organization. 

SOS Primary & Secondary School

The school started well with newly recruited students in the SOS Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools. The scholarship recruitment committee visited almost 30 vulnerable families who applied for scholarship in the SOS School where a total of 23 beneficiaries were recruited and they have started school. 


Currently, the Nursery has 68 children of which 11 are from the SOS Children Village. The remaining 57 are from the nearby community and 16 of them are on scholarship. However, the capacity of our Nursery is 90 children the remaining chances are left for the newly recruited children to be admitted as soon as they receive admission in the SOS Children’s Village Arusha.   

Family Strengthening Programme

Currently the Family Strengthening Programme Arusha is attending 500 children beneficiaries and 162 households/families. The beneficiaries are from our target group of child-headed families, grandparent-headed families, terminally ill parents and widow or others with special needs.

While plans are underway to recruit 100 more beneficiaries, 97% of 500 children beneficiaries are attending school in different levels includes Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Vocational Training Schools. The children are enjoying their school life as they are now equipped with all the necessary school requirements. Apart from the educational, nutritional and the medical support these families receives, a significant impact is seen as these families become economically empowered through income generating activities including poultry keeping where most of them are engaged. This is suited to our strategy to empower families towards self sufficiency.

Lastly we are extremely grateful to God who has brought to us such good friends and supporters as you, without whom life in the Village would not have been possible. We believe that ‘anyone who looks into eyes of a child and sees doubt and fear, and inability to understand and longing for trust, will want to do everything possible to bring back the sunshine into those eyes’. Thank you for bringing back the sunshine and supporting us to change the story of children in Tanzania. We are confident that your commitment to us will remain steadfast for the coming months and years.

Yours sincerely,

Woinde Shisael 

National Sponsorship Coordinator