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Poverty forces many Colombian parents abandon their children. On their own, many fall prey to criminal gangs or the sex trade, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation, sexual abuse and mutilation. We offer a safe, loving home for children in eight locations, including the capital, Bogota. … more about our charity work in Colombia

A new beginning at SOS Children’s Village Bogotá

A welcome party welcomes the new arrivals
A welcome party welcomes the new arrivals

Nicolas, Luisa, Diana, Julian, and Angie recently came to live at SOS Children's Village Bogotá in Colombia. They arrived to a warm reception with a party organised their SOS family, welcoming them into their new home in the Village.

Life had not been easy for the five brothers and sisters. After their mother passed away from a terminal illness, their father abandoned them and they ended up completely alone. The eldest brother took on the responsibility of caring for his younger brothers and sisters, but alone at such a young age, he was unable to make ends meet.

After the children came into contact with SOS Children’s Village Bogotá in Colombia, it was decided that it was in the best interests of the children to come to live at the SOS Village. Their new SOS mother Sandra looked forward to the arrival of five more children into her SOS family, and arranged a special party to mark the day. "It was a welcome party that we will never forget," says Sandra.

The children were hesitant when they first arrived, but with Sandra’s encouragement they soon started to relax. "At the beginning, they looked a little shy, but with encouragement they soon enjoyed the party" Sandra explains. Children shown around their new home, SOS Colombia

After the guests had gone home, Sandra showed the children around their new family home (see photo, right). "They enjoyed their first encounter with their new home very much” she says “They felt amazed. Each one wanted to know which room and bed was going to be theirs."

Julian, one of the elder brothers, remembers his arrival at the Village. "We were given a very nice welcome party. It was a party that made us feel important” he explains, “many pictures were taken, it felt as if we were movie stars. There was a lot of food and we were given presents."

The brothers and sisters have now settled into their new family. Angie, the eldest of the five siblings, found it difficult when she first arrived, but with the support of her SOS mother she soon felt comfortable in the Village. "At the beginning, I didn't like the idea of staying here, because I knew no one” she explains, “gradually though, we integrated ourselves into our new family and the Village. Now I feel like this place is my home.”

Her sister, Luisa, agrees "I feel very happy in my new family ... Sandra talks to us and helps us understand. Although I miss my mother a lot, our new mother makes us feel at home.”

Sandra and her family are like any other, experiencing moments that make them a family everyday. Find out how you can give a child family moments to remember.