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Sri Lanka

2009 brought an end to two-and-a-half decades of civil war, but many children are still suffering. In 2013, we opened our sixth Children's Village in Sri Lanka, which provides homes for children separated from their families by the conflict. … more about our charity work in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: A new Village for displaced children

The Chettikulam refugee camp, Vavuniya
The Chettikulam refugee camp, Vavuniya

Although the end of the Sri Lankan civil war was proclaimed in May 2009, over two years later, hundreds of thousands of people remain stranded in refugee camps. As well as reuniting families, SOS have been directly caring for 80 children whose families cannot be traced. Now, we are constructing a permanent SOS Village for these children displaced by the conflict.

Since the end of the civil war, SOS Children provided care for 200 unaccompanied children at the SOS Care Centre in the Chettikulam refugee camp near Vavuniya, in northern Sri Lanka. However, in November 2010, parts of the Chettikulam refugee camp were closed by the authorities, meaning we were been forced to close the Care Centre. As a short-term solution, we moved the remaining 80 children (we were able to reunite 120 with their families) into rented houses in Jaffna, in the far north of the country. We now plan to build a new Children's Village in this area by the end of 2011, the sixth SOS Village in Sri Lanka, to provide a permanent home for children with no one else to care for them.Map, SOS Sri Lanka

SOS Children’s Villages President Helmut Kutin visited various SOS projects in Sri Lanka in January. At a press conference, he affirmed that SOS were committed to constructing the new SOS Children’s Village in Jaffna as soon as possible. The land where the Village we be built has already been selected, located 7 km from Jaffna and 10 km from Chavakachcheri where schools, hospitals and other essential services are available.

Currently, SOS Children’s Villages in Sri Lanka is supporting some 6,700 children through five SOS Children's Villages, five SOS Youth Homes, eight SOS Nurseries, one SOS School, four SOS Vocational Training Centres, eight SOS Social Centres and two SOS Medical Centres.