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SOS Children's Villages began working in Uzbekistan in 1999 with the construction of the SOS Children's Tashkent community on land donated by the government. Fourteen family houses are home to 126 children and the SOS nursery school offers room to 40 children, both from the Village and the surrounding area … more about our charity work in Uzbekistan

Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

Children dancing at SOS Samarkand
Children dancing at SOS Samarkand

A child sponsorship report from Samarkand in Uzbekistan. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsors,

It is our great pleasure to express our deepest thanks and great gratitude for your generous support to our SOS Children’s Village Samarkand. May we take this opportunity to present our progress report to you.

The total number of children is at the moment 78. They all live happy, funny and healthy life. But before they were admitted to the Village each of them passed through many difficulties. Every child has his own little sad history which he tries to forget and we are all here to help them in this.

Every time, our children are waiting for beginning of the year with the impatience because of New Year Holidays. This year wasn’t exception. All our children were looking forward for the New Year with pure beliefs in Santa and hope that New Year will bring something good and new to their life. Traditionally we have organized New Year mail, and what was specially touching this year was that a lot of our children have asked from Santa not some toy or car for themselves, but asked for a good health to their SOS mothers, SOS brothers and sisters.

Spring time was memorable for our children with another unforgettable National holiday – “Navruz”. Interesting concert programme was organized, where our children sang national songs, and performed national dances. SOS mothers and aunts with the help of children prepared various national foods.

By the end of May all our school children successfully completed their studies, and started summer holidays. Besides school studies, sports and other activities of the village are organized effectively. Children always get involved in classes of music, drawing, piano and football… These activities help children relax after hard learning time and make them healthier. In addition all mothers and aunts always pay attention to children’s meals, they have safe food regimen, and food has been improved regularly, providing nutrition to children.  Special trainings and meetings for mothers and staffs are organized as usually to improve their responsibility; therefore our mothers could bring up the children in good way and our staffs could fulfill their works properly.

In the summer all our children become more active. There are so many different ways of amusement in this period of their lives not only for the rest but for improvement of their health. During the summer our children go to swimming – pool, to museums, theatres and cinemas. Some of them go to summer camp; there they meet new friends and take part in different performances and contests.  With the beginning of summer all our children look forward for their favorite holiday – 1st June - “Day of children’s defense”. They love this holyday very much. This year for children with the pedagogues of the Village organized the concert programme. Children prepared to this day very seriously as a rule at this day they dress on a new closes of bright colors. After concert all the children and mothers went to the park and spent unforgettable day.

On second part of June Village administration have organized hiking to mountains for our teenagers for three days. Village director was the guide of the group.  All children were very excited by fresh air and beautiful nature. When they found a place for night lodging they light the fire and sang the songs near it. We are sure that these three days will remain in the memory of our children for a long time.  

That’s brief outline of special events that took place in life of our SOS Children’s Village Samarkand.  On behalf of children, village mothers-aunts and all of us here, may we take this opportunity to send you our deepest thanks and warmest regards from Samarkand. Your generous support and kind help are meaningful so much for our children. We pray for all of you to have a good health and peaceful life.


Village Director