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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Family from SOS Rajshahi
Family from SOS Rajshahi

A child sponsorship report from Rajshahi in Bangladesh. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsor,

At this time of the year, we would like to describe once again concerning latest progress about SOS Children's Village Rajshahi and its ancillary projects.

At present the Village is a home of 160 children (boys: 76 & girls: 84). We have been trying our level best to fulfill the commitment entrusted to us through education, counseling, bring them up as caring adult, responsible individuals and peace loving citizens. 13 children have newly been enrolled in different educational institutions in the year 2010 as part of their inauguration of formal education.

Annual Senior Coworkers’ Meeting was organized successfully on January 16-17, 2010 in SOS Children's Village Rajshahi. Honorable President of SOS Children’s Villages, Mr. Helmut Kutin presided over the meeting. A total of 32 participants including Continental Director for Asia SOS Children’s Villages, National Director and Deputy National Director of SOS Children's Villages in Bangladesh took part in the meeting.

World Health Organization (WHO) country representative Dr. Duang Vadee Sungkhabal visited SOS Children's Village Rajshahi on January 10, 2010 as part of her supervision of on 18th national immunization day.

7 girls have appeared in the Secondary School Certificate examination and 04 girls have appeared in the Higher Secondary Certificate examination.

SOS Youth Village Rajshahi

SOS Youth Village Rajshahi is now a home of 22 youngsters. Besides, 58 youngsters have been living in different boarding houses are still under the direct care and supervision of SOS Youth Village Rajshahi. Discussion on Child Rights and Responsibilities was held at SOS Youth Village Rajshahi on March 10, 2010. Some 20 youngsters took part in the discussion meeting with their enthusiasm. One of our boys has appeared in the Secondary School Certificate examination exam and another boy has appeared in the Higher Secondary Certificate examination.

SOS Social Centre Rajshahi

SOS Social Centre Rajshahi has been rendering support to 520 children from 358 families. The beneficiaries are enjoying educational items, School Uniforms, tuition fees, food and medical support from SOS Social Centre Rajshahi.

Family Strengthening Programme

Dear friends we have experienced the tremendous thrust for knowledge in the Family Strengthening Programme community. Though they were deprived of the opportunity to educate themselves, they don’t like to let their children illiterate. Now we would like to narrate the story of 'BUILDING A LIGHT-HOUSE IN A DARK COMMUNITY'.

It was a newly erected community consisting of around 150 families named Shanti Palli (village of peace). But it was a matter of irony that the real picture was just upside down. Uncertainty swallowed the hope of all the members of the village. The entire community was engulfed in lashing poverty. They could hardly manage their meals to fill the stomach twice a day. The children were placed in the most vulnerable condition. Child labor was a very common scenario in that community. Children were even forced to join workshop where they had to undergo risky job or were to join the drug paddling gang. The dwellers of the community never think of education for their children. Education was a sort of luxury to them. And they also accepted their fate.

In such a dire situation, SOS Social Centre of SOS Children's Village Rajshahi sought the community out and brought the children under Family Strengthening Programme.  The poor parents were motivated that education is a must for the change of their existing condition toward a better ending. They were also told that if the children were educated they would be able to lead a developed life in future.

However, the efforts of SOS Children's Village Rajshahi made a positive effect on them. The parents have started sending their children to the neighboring schools. The most striking surprise is that they themselves built a study centre for the pre-school level children. The mothers played the most effective role in this regards. The collected tolls from every family and rendered physical labor also. They bore heavy physical labor like digging the mud, fetching them for filling the study centre floor and so forth. The male members of the village erected the walls, placed the corrugated iron sheets as the roof. They all did the job hand in hand and voluntarily. While asked Ms. Begum, a mother of the community, why she has been doing the voluntary labor, she replied, “Whatever I have done till now, I have done it being motivated by my desire that our children’s education will be inaugurated form here. This study centre will be our light house, from where light of education will start emitting and will enlighten all the families of this community.” SOS Children's Village Rajshahi has also stood shoulder to shoulder with the people of Shanti Palli (village of peace) and will manage a suitable teacher for the study centre which will accommodate 25 children at a time.

We take this opportunity to express gratitude for your generous contribution towards fulfill our commitment a success and along with hope your continuous participation as before.

With regards and best wishes.

Very sincerely yours,

Village Director