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SOS child in bath in Malawi
Nearly a third of Malawi's children do not attend primary school, and more than one in ten live with HIV/AIDS. We work in Lilongwe, Blantyre and Mzuzu to help families provide a safe, happy childhood for their children, and to provide care for those who cannot grow up with their parents. … more about our charity work in Malawi

Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Mzuzu, Malawi.

Children from SOS Mzuzu
Children from SOS Mzuzu

A child sponsorship report from Mzuzu in Malawi. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsor,

As you enter our Village you are greeted by beautiful green vegetation, birds flying from one shrub to another and children playing under a tree and in the playgrounds.
SOS mothers are assisted by their older children in preparing dinner and some co-workers are tending the flowers beds.

In one room, the Education co-worker assists children with their school work while the village nurse is attending to sick children just across the way. The youth leader may be providing youth talks in the village hall and as you enter the Village administration office you are cheerfully greeted by the village secretary as she is packing sponsor letters from children to be sent to sponsors. You may see the village administrator chatting with the mums while giving them their household allowances. This is a typical afternoon at Mzuzu SOS Children’s Village. Then the Village secretary is happy to take you to chat with the Village Director who starts telling you about life in our SOS Children’s Village in northern Malawi.

Children have been encouraged to take part in cleaning the village surroundings. On Thursday afternoons once every fortnight, we have a special Village cleaning day led by the Village Director. You can see when their dad takes lead as the children follow him with high morale. This programme has helped to keep the grass short and consequently mosquitoes away this preventing malaria.

Family Strengthening Programme

We aim to support and empower those orphaned and those families at risk so we supported 54 children with school fees in various different secondary schools, 1 at University and 11 at our primary school. We also distributed treated mosquito nets to 1965 children and 329 caregivers to prevent malaria.

To 542 vulnerable children we gave nutrition supplements as well as giving 10kg of this valuable food supplement to 135 caregivers, the majority of whom are on ARV treatment thus enabling them to continue providing care and support to their children. 22 caregivers completed training in tailoring, 10 in tinsmith and 20 ladies have also completed bakery training. Upon completion of each training, start up materials were given to each participant to start businesses in their various acquired skills. These trainings have developed vocational skills for participating caregivers so that they effectively provide for their children.  This support enabled participating families to produce goods for sale thereby building their capacity to care for their children.

SOS Nursery

On that particular rainy Thursday recently the Mzuzu nursery children were so excited. The children braved the weather in their excitement to plant their 10 special trees in the nursery woodlot. This was an experiential activity for them which will bring a positive impact on their physical growth and mental development.

As a centre of attraction, the pictures painted on the walls of the school are expected to help and prepare the children for academic learning when going to primary school. In the past it it had been rather dull. Parents and children alike now feel the nursery has turned into child friendly environment. For visitors, it is now easier for them to identify the children’s learning centre due to these child friendly features.

SOS Primary School

Our first term started in December last year. Because of the new curriculum, we had the chance to make bean bags and brooms which are used in the community. The standard five students were involved in indigenous technologies and some
made lovely clay pots while others made very nice pots.

Forestation: Standard 6 students planted trees donated by Mzuzu City Assembly in April, as we do every year. We have a new Head Teacher this year and are getting new and original ideas to work with. Academically, we know we will do even better than last year!

We would like to thank all our valued sponsors for their generosity and care they have shown our Village. Without your support we could not help these vulnerable and orphaned children of Malawi. Thank You!!!!!

Rusty Klinger

Sponsorship Coordinator

SOS Children's Village