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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Agadir, Morocco

Child from SOS Villages Morocco
Child from SOS Villages Morocco

A child sponsor report from Agadir in Morocco. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsors,

SOS Children's Village Agadir will soon celebrate its second year.  Seventy-one children live there now, 39 girls and 32 boys, after the admission of four biological brothers in May. Forty of our young protected are enrolled in seven institutions of the city while the 31 younger children remain with their SOS mothers during the day.

Soon after the feast of sacrifice, the village celebrated in collaboration with a crib of Moroccan tradition "khaylouta," which consists of a competition for the best tagine prepared by children. They dressed in their finest kitchen uniform. They must have had fun in preparing the tagine and all hoped to win the price. In the end of the day, the jury did not name the winner tagine and everyone came home with a gift in hand.

Protection of child rights is a subject that is particularly at heart and the village has hosted important actions for the promotion of the rights of children.  At first, we are engaged in a network of associations in the city of Agadir, one of whose main objectives is to create a centre for street children. Then the village has established a committee to protect the child which consists of members of the village. Meetings were held with children and other employees from the village to raise awareness about the role of this committee and its efforts to protect children's rights.

Finally, by working with a private partner, an action of distribution of 120 bicycles for girls of remote villages in the region of Agadir was organised. This action aims to fight against the drop which is a very common form of violation of children’s rights to education and that primarily affects girls.

For the celebration of the National week of Safe Road, the village has organized a morning of awareness for the benefit of students of the school Semlali in which the majority of our children follow their studies. According to theoretical courses, the children spent a small practical test. Among the 107 participants, 55 have won symbolic permits. The same activity was repeated with girls from backup centre of Agadir.

The 8th March was Women's Day, the Superior School of Applied Science has organized the day. That evening, the director of the village received a trophy dedicated to the SOS mothers, pillars of our association for their commitment to children.

On the afternoon of 5th May, the Moroccan Association for Research and Cultural Exchange organized a workshop on the techniques of filming and reporting within the village, in which the children played the roles of directors, stage directors , producers, etc. The whole village became a big movie set. That evening, the reports made by small children were showed and the interview of the director by the young Amal was marked by the relevance of her questions!

It is thanks to your loyalty and support that all these activities and projects for children which have been entrusted to us are achievable in the SOS Children's Village of Agadir. Be infinitely thanked dear sponsors and dear friends.