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Spurs visit SOS South Africa

Children are delighted with their gifts from Spurs
Children are delighted with their gifts from Spurs

Children at the SOS Children’s Village Rustenburg in South Africa were greeted by Tottenham Hotspur Club representatives, including Gary Mabbutt, as part of the Club’s visit to South Africa earlier this month.

The group were joined by Club Partners SuperSport United in helping to distribute footballs and stationery to the children at the SOS Children's Village in Rustenburg, including those living at the Tottenham Hotspur House.

SOS Mother Ms Kadi and her five SOS children, Daniel (17), Lionel (16) Issac (11) Nthabiseng (16) and Lesego (7) have recently welcomed three new children into the ‘Spurs’ family house. Natural siblings Rattanang (known as “Mpho”) (16), Onnica (15) and Tlhalefi (10) joined the Spurs family house at the end of 2010 and have already settled in well. All the children live together in House Number 6 of the SOS Children’s Village in Rustenburg, which was fully funded by the Club as part of the “6 Villages for 2006” campaign.

Gary Mabbutt and children from SOS CV Rustenburg
Gary Mabbutt and children from SOS CV Rustenburg

Daniel (17), a dedicated Spurs fan, will soon leave the SOS Children's Village to pursue Mechanical Vocational Training in Johannesburg. Whilst there, he will live in the SOS Youth Home - an intermediary step between SOS family and independence. In SOS Youth Homes, young people live in small groups and are assigned SOS Youth Workers who support them as they learn to take responsibility for their own time, school work, household tasks and money. Daniel will stay in the Youth Home until he’s completed his training and is fully independent; after which SOS will support him in finding a job and private housing.

Daniel said, “Here at the Village I really feel at home and I have everything I want or need. My SOS mother is great, she really loves us. I currently attend school but I want to be a mechanical engineer.”

The ‘Spurs’ family is one of ten families living in the Village. Each family is headed by a specially trained mother. The ‘Spurs’ family mother Ms Kadi revealed that her home is known as the 'football house' due to the close relationship with the club, “House Number 6 will always have a football ready! We are a footballing house!”

Rustenburg is situated in the North West Province of South Africa, in an area with high numbers of orphans and vulnerable children and a high HIV/AIDS prevalence. The Village also runs an outreach centre which helps more than 200 families affected by HIV/AIDS receive medical support, education and counselling. Beneficiaries are also taught income-generating skills such as sewing, gardening and carpentry.

Since the launch of the charity partnership with SOS Children, Tottenham Hotspurs have worked with us on a number of initiatives, including financing the construction of the 'Tottenham Hotspur House' in Rustenburg South Africa, and the continuing funding of the running costs of the house, which are uniquely and completely funded by monies received from players' fines. Last season the entire first team also signed up to sponsor a child as part of SOS Children’s Villages World Orphan Week campaign.

Spurs supporters Radio One DJ Nihal and the Mayor of London’s Director of Environment and Digital London, Kulveer Ranger are taking part in The British 10k London Run in July to raise money for SOS Children. Read about how their training is going!

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