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After the devastating earthquake in 2015, we provided food, water, and first aid to families in desperate need. With ten Villages across Nepal and three in the crisis zone, we are continuing to deliver care to children separated from their families. … more about our charity work in Nepal

Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Sanothimi, Nepal.

A family from SOS Sanothimi
A family from SOS Sanothimi

A child sponsorship report from Sanothimi in Nepal. Written in 2010.

 “If I had to go twenty four years back to my life, I found my life worthless with no more hope and no more opportunity. Luckily I got admission in SOS Children’s Village, and from the time, I was committed to do something to make my life meaningful. Now I am living with a dignity- full career.  Today, I encounter hundreds of people in my career life and they respect and honor me as a successful physiotherapist.  I achieved this successful position only because of the Support from SOS Children.”

Dear Sponsor, you are the foundation on which this successful story stands glorious!

It is my great pleasure to take this opportunity to honor you for your valuable contribution and I feel overwhelmed to share our best moments with you by this letter.  All the Children, Mothers and Coworkers have sent you a warm lovely summer greetings.

Currently we have 163 children, (78 boys and 85 Girls) at the SOS Children’s Village Sanothimi. Similarly we have 68 Young Boys and 32 Young girls in the SOS Youth Home and they are more committed in their academic sector. This year two boys and two girls got admitted in SOS Children’s Village Sanothimi and they look very happy and secure in their new home.  Among them, thirteen months old baby boy has happily accepted his new family. He is closely attached with his SOS Mother and three of them have also started to go to school and have easily adjusted in their classes.

Children were overjoyed to celebrate Mother’s Day on April 14, 2010. Fortunately this year, Nepali New Year and Mother’s day were in the same day, and both festivals were celebrated conjointly in the initiation of Mother’s Committee and Child Club.  Different games and Cultural programmes were held by both mothers and children.  The most charm of the programme was the Drama regarding Unconditional Love of Mother for Every Child. It was presented very beautifully by our children and it made all the viewers emotional.  SOS child Kopila wrote a song about mother and it was performed by the group. It was very touchy and was beautiful gift for the mothers.  Mothers also showed loves for their children and performed cultural show and many more impressive programmes.

This year our three young boys and eight young girls have successfully integrated.  They are having their healthy life with focus on their career.  Two girls are working in Nursing Profession, one girl and two boys are in business sector, one boy is a Civil Engineer. Two girls are working as secretary, one girl is an International Badminton Player and she is playing from Armed Police Force.

“I could not succeed my formal education due to the poverty and illness in my family. Still SOS motivated me to take Vocational training, I took driving training.   I have developed my career as a driver and I am driving a three wheeler vehicle. Now, I look after my mother and brother with my own earning.  Thank you very much for looking after me at my own place to make my family self reliant. ” A member of Family Strengthening Programme

Family Strengthening Programme is supporting the vulnerable families since the last sixteen years. Mostly those vulnerable families are widow mother headed, sibling headed families, economically deprived families and families which have severe illness in care givers.  Family Strengthening Programme has important role to provide support to those children, who are at the risk of losing parental care due to the poor economic condition of the families so that every child can grow up safely and happily with his/her own biological family. Thus Family Strengthening Programme provides such families with different supports like, Educational Support, Food Support and Medical Support according to their needs so that children can get basic needs of life. At present SOS Children’s Village is supporting five hundred and thirty six children of two hundred and ninety families and has planned to support five thousand and fifty Children by 2016 through the Family Strengthening Programme. This dream of SOS children’s Villages will come true only when many more generous hands join us.

This year we have sound academic result from the children and few children will repeat the same class and they are also having difficulties in the study. They are provided special classes. Children are regularly attending their new session with full of confidence and energy.

It is a matter of happiness to give you a prompt response on your query and please feel comfortable to raise your questions. I am always pleased to write you.   Your generous support is always encouraging for many more children to provide safe and happy life even though Nepal is still suffering from political instability. Thank you very much for your continuous support. At last I send you warm greetings from SOS Children’s Village Sanothimi.

Sincerely Yours,

Mr. Khagendra Kumar Nepal

Project Director