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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Nha Trang, Vietnam.

Young boy from SOS Children's Village Nha Trang
Young boy from SOS Children's Village Nha Trang

A child sponsorship report from Nha Trang in Vietnam. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsors,

In this report, we do hope that the following news will help you to understand more about the SOS Children’s Village Nha Trang, also its recent activities in the first six months of 2010. Please kindly accept our sincere thanks for your kind support and generous contribution.

14 SOS families are really home to 112 children including 48 boys and 64 girls from one month to 21 years old. The largest family has ten children and the smallest one has seven. One more child enjoys life in the SOS family as soon a child becomes independent. At present, 2 another children are in the second year of the semi-independent programme in three years before they have a completely independent life outside the village.

The SOS family is getting larger and larger with the number of children accepted every year to occupy boys who moved to the youth house. From the last report, 16 new difficult children came to SOS Children’s Village Nha Trang. Among them, there are two newborn babies who received special care from SOS mothers. All of them love their new home and follow their SOS mother whom with effort and real love erased their feeling of mixed fear and lonely in first few days coming. Now, there are 20 spaces in SOS families for orphaned and abandoned children in the community.

SOS Youth Home:  There are 26 boys accommodated at the youth house. The boy left the SOS family and started living in there at the age of 15. Teenager’s education is the most important so they are encouraged and checked strictly by male educators. Almost of them obey seriously regulation.

Academic Performance:  In the academic year 2009-2010, there are 7 tiny tots at nursery and 109 children attended school consisting of 19 children are in Primary standard, 41 in Secondary and 49 village children in high school. 6 children are studying in the university and college inside and outside the city. Besides, there are 2 children studying at the vocational school, 3 are learning trade such as carpentry, clothing.

We have continued working hard in advancing our kids with quality education. Our children’s overall accomplishment in the school year was satisfactory in its pure pass and academic weight. Twenty of them are with in the best rank of their school. As always, we encouraged them with prize of their own choice in organizing education day. We also feel pride to inform you that one of our girls has got scholarship at Medical University for her excellent result.

Activities:  With the development of SOS Children’s Village Nhatrang, the organization of practical activities is necessary. Through engaging in activities, children revealed their character and developed their personality. At the same time, they learnt knowledge and experienced new things. In that line, plans for monthly activities were often put out and discussed by educational staff so that these activities were most attracting to kids.

Yearly, preliminary wrap up report of first term was hold in January. The aim is to commend and reward the good students and to encourage their improvement. Besides, the acknowledgement of unsatisfactory results in this occasion helped us finding effective solution of improving quality education.

Building the relationships with friends inside and outside the country was showed the consideration for. Through exchange activities, they shared their knowledge and found new friends. From that, their self confidence and communication skills were improved.

Two –month summer holiday which is from June to August is most exciting and awaited by kids. Thus, a lot of wonderful activities were planned for them in this longest holiday. They are a burst of fun-filled extra-curricular activities.

The highlight was the sport festival for all of the members of the village that lengthened one day. This is one of our traditional activities which were not only popular sports with amateur championships but also competitive games in which there are always winners and loses. But both of them were fun so much and shared their prizes together at the end of festival. Another recreational activity is the performance competition. In this festival, singing, dancing and playing act items were practiced for weeks before performing. Audience always had enjoyable unexpectation to kids’ creative and art aptitude.

The kids really enjoyed summer classes like aptitude classes in which they were taught football, organ, and art martial or vocational classes like handicraft or basic repair work. Best students got trip to Vinpearland that is a beautiful island of NhaTrang city. Once, they had new lively experiences along with good memories about the trip.

Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support during years. I am sure that with your continuous help and dedication, the village is always a real happy home for our children where they enjoy wonderful childhood and where their happiness comes from. On this occasion, we wish you and your family a great summer with interesting trips!

Yours sincerely,

Huỳnh Hữu Ngân


SOS Children’s Village Nha Trang