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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Ksarnaba, Lebanon.

Children from SOS Ksarnaba
Children from SOS Ksarnaba

A child sponsorship report from Ksarnaba in Lebanon. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsor,

SOS Children’s Village Ksarnaba  is currently home to 64 children living in 9 SOS family houses; they go to 4 neighbouring schools.  The two youngest children in our village are one year old.  They feel so secure in their SOS family and they are the joy of the large SOS family.

In addition to the continuous training sessions the coworkers take part in, the Childrens Village psychologist held regular meetings with the SOS mothers and educators to discuss subjects of interest such as learning how to share the children’s feelings and listen to them, and help them feel proud of themselves.

The children take Taekwondo lessons every Sunday, dancing and Theatre every Saturday.  They had a library club on Friday, in addition to seasonal arts and crafts activities and workshops. They participated in the activities through the social centre with the children in the community. They were also taken on numerous field trips during the year.

Our children aged 4 to 7 years were so enthusiastic to participate to creative workshops for little kids that were organized by the French cultural Centre.  The programme was innovative, challenging and fun.  It gives an opportunity to children to relax while making new friends.  The attended two workshops.  The first one is a musical workshop.  They learned to sing and to play five French familiar songs.   The second workshop is on mask making.  They learned the French names of all the various materials they used to do their favorite masks, a tiger mask or a mouse mask with pink ear.

Many cultural events were organized in the setting of “Beirut, world Capital of the book 2009”  Our children more than 8 years old participated to the well-known French book exposition.   This interesting happening reserved a great place to the children and youth who are the priority.  Twelve authors, illustrators and publishers specialized in writing for children and youth have been invited from all over the world.  Interventions specially dedicated for the young audience have been organized and they had a great time chatting with their favourite French illustrator. Their favourite stand was the one dedicated to the comic book series “Schroumpfs”  for their 50th anniversary.   They are always interested to learn more about the Smurfs’ community that live in a kind environment based on the principle that each Smurf has something he or she is good at and together they contribute to the good of the Smurf society.   Before leaving the exposition, our children made sure that they have filled the educational questionnaire and the assessment form.

SOS Nursery Ksarnaba is doing well, the children, the staff, and the community are overjoyed.  We have a total of 65 children, 16 SOS, 49 non-SOS and from them 9 will graduate in June and will go to the local schools.  When we measure our success, we measure it in terms of the joy of the people involved in the Nursery. The children are excited to attend everyday, the staff is always motivated, and the parents and community are responding with excellent word of mouth.

Actually 161 families including 581 children are supported by the SOS Family Strenghthening Programme - Ksarnaba.  To empower the families in their roles as caretakers, women awareness Programmememes are orgnanized on a regular basis: literacy courses, health and nutrition workshops.  As for the children, they participated in art workshops and other recreational activities including the summer camp organized by the centre, in addition to exercises focusing on children’s rights. The volunteers continue to play an important role in the life of the centre. They participate in all the activities organized for the children: they meet one day in advance and prepare their work.  The mother and child health care unit and the dental clinic registered more than 1000 cases.


SOS Children's Village Ksarnaba