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Celebs to run British 10K for SOS Children

Celebs to run British 10K for SOS Children

Two high-profile Tottenham Hotspur fans were put through their paces at the Spurs training ground this week – all in the name of SOS Children!

Spurs supporters Radio One DJ Nihal and the Mayor of London’s Director of Environment and Digital London, Kulveer Ranger, have agreed to take part in The British 10k London Run on Sunday July 10th to raise funds for SOS Children, Tottenham Hotspur's official charity partner.

They kicked off their training in the same gym the Spurs players use at the Club’s training ground. Sam Erith, Head of Sports Science, Fitness and Conditioning, found out what the pair were made of when he took them through the same kind of gym session he puts the likes of Gareth Bale and Luka Modric through.

After five minutes on the bikes, Nihal and Kulveer were taken through a warm-up routine and vital statistics including height, weight and body fat percentage were taken before the pair took part in a submaximal performance test. This involved running on a treadmill at set speeds that increase every three minutes, monitoring heart rate and oxygen uptake, among other things.

Nihal and Kulveer British 10K
Nihal and Kulveer

Sam said: “Let’s just say that our results suggest these guys are going to need plenty of support to get in shape for this run, so any sponsorships or words of encouragement during their subsequent weeks of sweat and tears will go a long way to help!”

Nihal said: “It was amazing to have shared the gym equipment that the Spurs players themselves use - it was also sobering to discover that my post-club DJing diet of kebabs and chicken burgers has taken it's toll, leading to me having a body fat level equivalent to that of three Spurs players! I am looking forward to raising a lot of money for SOS Children's Villages and my wife I'm sure will be happy with me losing my love handles in the process!”

Kulveer said: “As a lifelong fan it was a dream come true to be put through my paces by the Spurs fitness team. However, it soon turned into a nightmare as I realised that I'm a million miles away from being match fit for a 10k run! But the motivation of raising lots of cash for SOS Children and to support the great work they do has persuaded me to give up the calorific fast food on-the-run diet that is the lot of a Mayoral adviser. Instead, for the next eight weeks, I promise to make time to pick a healthy option, eat more fruit and veg and actually do some proper running that is not from meeting to meeting!”

Read how the pair’s training regime is coming along leading up to the big day on July 10th here.

Tottenham Hotspurs has a long-term relationship with SOS Children and has financed the construction of a family house in Rustenburg, which is uniquely funded by monies received from players’ fines. Representatives from the Club visited the Village earlier this month, read about their latest visit to SOS Children's Village Rustenburg