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El Salvador

In 1998, SOS Children's Villages established an emergency aid programme in El Salvador after Hurricane “Mitch” hit Central America. SOS Children's Villages provided more than 2000 families with food and medical aid, and temporary accommodation for over 100 children who had lost their families … more about our charity work in El Salvador

Child Sponsorship Report 2010 from Santa Tecla, El Salvador

Family from Santa Tecla, El Salvador
Family from Santa Tecla, El Salvador

A child sponsorship report from Santa Tecla in El Salvador. Written in 2010.

Dear Friends,

Receive a warm greeting from El Salvador. Once again we have reached the time in which we are pleased to share with you a little about the lives of our children in the SOS Children's Village Santa Tecla. We hope you enjoy reading and knowing more about the development of the SOS families within the village.

This year SOS Children's Village Santa Tecla has 33 children, 18 girls and 15 boys; during the whole year the number of the children has not changed. Currently we have five families, and two of them are living outside the village, in rented houses. Also we have an area for management office for the child development co-workers. Families living outside are good and the children have adapted very well and maintain good relations with neighbors in the community.

In April and in December all children and young people went to the water park "Entre Ríos". In October, we celebrated the children’s day with a little party, there was a special lunch, the children spent a very happy evening and at the end of the day everyone of them received a gift. At the same event, Johana, Guadalupe, Claudia and Rodrigo received a certificate of participation in the competition for Peace Poster drawings under the theme "The Power of Peace." In February, we had a “family day” with the participation of the biological families of the children.

Thanks to the support programme “Growing with Biological Family”, a programme aimed to improve the welfare of the children, 24 children from nine families, receive financial support from SOS Children’s Village Santa Tecla to opt for a better academic development and to do better in the future. This programme is developed to support these families after the children were reintegrated to live with them, the support is not only economic, but also consists in teaching and accompanying them in the care and development of their children.

Alejandra has shown an overcome attitude in the programme. She is very dedicated and one of her main purposes is to obtain a scholarship to high school. Currently, she is studying ninth grade at “Technical Institute Don Bosco” and has excellent grades.  Alejandra is a very happy child in good health; also she is excited because this year her braces will be removed.

Another great child is Oscar, a young man who shows a desire to continue his studies and to have a good preparation to perform favorable in any sphere of life in the future. At this moment, he is studying ninth grade and is very grateful to belong to his SOS family.

Douglas Alexander is an independent boy who lives with his biological brother in a house near the SOS Children's Village Santa Tecla. This year, in March, he graduated from the Naval Force in Communications and Systems. At this moment he is not working, but hopes that soon he will find a job related with his career.

María is living at the SOS Youth Home; she is a young lady that during her stay in the organisation has shown a great interest to prepare academically. María is studying high school and has completed an English course. Thanks to her good grades, she will be provided with a scholarship to continue with her English studies. When she finishes high school, she wants to work and to study a career in the university.

In March, some employees received a plaque of honor in recognition for over 15 years of work with SOS Children's Village El Salvador. SOS mothers Balbina and María Luisa, the administrative secretary, Patricia, and Don Mario, who works for maintenance; are some of the employees who received this recognition. In addition, last December, Maria Consuelo, a maintenance worker and Amalia, youth leader, received a plaque of appreciation for good performance within the SOS Children's Village Santa Tecla.

This is what we can tell you at this time about the children of the SOS Children's Village Santa Tecla. We want to remind you that we are greatly thankful to you for all the support received during these months. Thanks to you we can provide a loving home for every child. We will not get tired of saying thank you very much. May God bless you always.

Yours sincerely,

Sonia Orellana         
Village Director            
SOS Children’s Village Santa Tecla