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South Korea

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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Suncheon, Korea

Child from SOS Children's Village Suncheon
Child from SOS Children's Village Suncheon

A child sponsorship report from Suncheon in Korea. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsors,

Spring is behind us and it is summer now in SOS Children's Village Suncheon. In Korea, the four seasons are so distinctive and have their unique beauties. It’s not so hot yet but it will be sizzling when you are about to receive this letter. It seems to me that only several days have passed since the end of the winter vacation. However, the summer vacation is already around the corner. How time flies!

During the last winter vacation in January and February, we have provided various programmes for the children. They have learned how to play ocarina, guitar, flute and etc. and have written pretty characters using paints and markers. And they went to skiing and skating, and had lots of fun during the winter. Since the children were allowed to choose what they want to learn, they were pleased and appreciative more than ever.

Two caring SOS mothers have retired in our village last February. Mother Nam Ok Jeon has taken care of children with love for 28 years and mother Young Soon Lee for 29 years. On the day the two mothers were leaving our village, the children who were grown up under the care of the mothers and have already been married, and who are developing their own decent careers as adults have gathered altogether for the farewell occasion. Also all the staff, mothers and children of our village have joined the union to express our thanks to them. We have shed tears since we were thankful and reluctant to leave them. However, we prayed that their life shall be cherished for the rest of their life.

Four children have left this village in March to work their own ways and the social welfare specialists in charge of them are taking care of them to help them to stand on their own. And two boys aged 7 and another two boys aged 5 have been recently admitted from an adoption institution.

Recently we have cleaned the entire village and planted various 100 trees and grass. When the trees reach their mature age and blossom flowers, the landscape of the village shall be more beautiful.

May 5 was the Children’s Day. Kids have enjoyed themselves elementary school students spent time in an amusement park and secondary school students enjoyed the survival game and other recreational activities. Most of all, the kids were very glad to see the old playing ground had been renovated into a pretty new one. Now they spent lot of time in the playing ground after they are dismissed from Nursery or school.

We are very much relieved and pleased to see that the kids are growing up happily and immaculately and it is possible thanks to your sponsorship. All of us - 8 mothers, 91 children and all the staff of our village deeply appreciate your support of our children.

Village Director Mr. Seong-Yun Mun

Correspondent Ms. Eun-Hee Yang