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Children from SOS Children's Village Somaliland
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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Sheikh, Somaliland.

Children from SOS Somaliland
Children from SOS Somaliland

A child sponsorship report from Sheikh in Somaliland. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsors,

It is a pleasure to send you our warmest greetings and share information with you this summer from SOS Children's Village Sheikh.

Current Situation

This year started with abundance of rainfall which gave relief to all local farmers and nomadic population after the severe drought last year.  The weather conditions in Somaliland changed from the harsh and prolonged dry spell giving way to a rainy condition throughout all the regions. Dry river valleys flooded claiming eight lives. Many families especially those living in internally displaced persons (IDP) camps had their shelter destroyed thus worsening their conditions. Cases of pneumonia increased with the advent of rains. We are hoping that the rains will subside soon.

SOS Secondary School.

The school opened on the 9th January 2010 after being on holiday for 1 month. SOS school registered 56 students for the IGCSE exam London. The targeted syllabus was completed for all the classes as well as the IGCSE and Somaliland syllabus for the prospective candidates.

Academically all the activities went on well with all the teaching staff putting more efforts to prepare the students for the upcoming EDECEXEL London based exams and the National Somaliland examinations to be conducted in June. The teachers have so far covered the syllabus and they are having regular continuous assessment tests (CATs) to prepare the students for the upcoming examinations. The school has registered 56 students to sit for the final exams this year.

The school continues to excel in academics and always leads other schools in the country. We are looking forward to good results end of this academic year.

SOS Outreach Programme

It’s also important to note that SOS School is not only determined to improve the education performance of her students, but also for other children from the surrounding community. A number of teachers were actively involved in the outreach programme. The teachers offered voluntary teaching services to some public community schools. These activities mainly focused on subjects like Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry. The outreach programme has tremendously improved the public relations with the neighbouring community.

Extra Curricula Activities

During this reporting period, interesting activities such as drama, debate and Islamic quiz took place in the school. In the drama competition, students from different classes participated in a play that was about student’s life in school in the four years and its aftermath. The humanities department was not left out as they conducted an Islamic symposium where the students were to answer questions correctly. The best three were given prizes donated by local leaders from Berbera. English club on the other hand organised a debate between different clubs on their achievements and each club was battling it out with the opponents. These debates have helped the pupils in building effective communication skills, which enhances their confidence as well as promoting critical thinking.

We would like to thank you for seeing us through our entire activities and more so for your thoughtfulness.

With kind regards,

Rukia Abdirahman

Sponsorship Co-coordinator