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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Serowe, Botswana

Children playing from SOS Village Serowe
Children playing from SOS Village Serowe

A child sponsorship report from Serowe in Botswana. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsors,

Greetings from our young and vibrant SOS Children's Village Serowe. The Serowe Village is not only full of energy from the new buildings and vegetation but also from the enthusiasm of both the children and the workers. The year 2010 started on a high note with a relatively busy schedule. The Village Director together with his management team took it upon themselves to sensitize the local community about the SOS Village and its mandate, the fruits of which are clearly visible – the Village has begun to receive various visitors, most of whom come to assist in one way or another. The business community has heeded the call for help as has started making some donations both of money and in kind.

The nursery enrollment has dropped to 26, none of which are children from the local community. This is due to the fact that the Serowe SOS Village is built in a rural place where most of the parents would rather send their children to government nurseries due to lack of funds. The 2 classes divided into 2 to 3 years and 4 to 5 age groups offer most of our children the most relevant occupational therapy. This has been visible in the life of THUTO.

Thuto came to SOS on a critical health condition, the doctors called it chronic malnutrition. He was nine months old yet he could not sit for long, he could not stand, let alone to even smile. He did not have the energy.  His move to SOS was a desperate one.  When he arrived at SOS Village his various needs were met. Thuto underwent physiotherapy at the Sekgoma Memorial government hospital and his condition improved very well. He started to respond to stimuli. He learnt how to stand and by week 4 of intense therapy he took his first step, which was celebrated by the entire Village, as this was team effort.

Thuto was then put at the nursery in the Rhyno class. The first week Thuto remained motionless in class, but watched as the others play. By the end of the second week he already started showing a spark in his eyes. The holistic care given by the nurse, the nursery teacher and his SOS mother and siblings was what he needed. He started joining in to play and his presence was much felt. His confidence was built and it improved as he mastered most of his class activities. Today Thuto is doing exceptionally well!

We would like to express our appreciation to you for your support in giving children like Thuto a second chance in life. Had it not been for support from both local and international sponsors we wouldn’t be able to achieve our vision.

Yours Sincerely,

Agnes Malanda

Sponsorship Coordinator