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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Jorpati, Nepal.

Smiling girl from SOS Jorpati
Smiling girl from SOS Jorpati

A child sponsorship report from Jorpati in Nepal. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsor,

"We don't want to be known as disabled; we want to be known as differently-abled," said Maiya Bisunkhe from SOS Children's Village Jorpati, while rejoicing with her physically disabled friends backstage in the Nepal Academy of Literature and Culture Hall. A similar feeling was reflected on the cheerful faces of the other physically-disabled performers who awed the audience with their beautiful dance performances on Monday. It is high time that the unspoken words from the differently-abled children are heard and they are correctly addressed. If they are encouraged they can prove to be equally competent. The example is Maiya Bisunkhe who has excelled in athletics and has also represented Nepal internationally.

And now our children and their performance are in high demand. We are receiving many calls for their show. Thanks to choreographer Mr. Charan Pradhan who designed very especial dance in keeping view of our children's disabilities and encouraged them to take it as therapeutic dance - the best way to release stress and frustration in a rhythmic way.  After few months of training and practice, on 28th of June they presented their dance. After their programme they were surrounded by media personnel. Very interestingly, they were receiving every question easily and confidently as if it is their regular business.

Dear friends, whenever our children received such achievement we think of you and your strong support. Since we are in the mid of summer, including this achievement we would like share some of our other activities in this summer report, which took place within six months in our facilities.

A little boy from very remote area of far western region got warm hugs and welcome in our SOS family. With this arrival we have 42 children in the five family houses and 29 youths in two different youth facilities.

Yesterday evening, School Leaving Certificate Examination board has published its final result and our two children who appeared in the examination have passed securing 80.37% (distinction) and 74.05% (first division) marks respectively. Both children are interested to join management stream aiming to be Government officer. Similarly, all school going children have also shown their good performance in academic side and completed their academic year 2009/2010 with good result. Last weak they just finished their term-examination of new session 2010/2011 and waiting for the result.

In March our two children were discharged from hospital after their major operation to correct the disabilities. Now they are attending physiotherapy session regularly for the better result. While preparing these children’s development plan we have kept independent mobility in first priority.

It is matter of pride that our four youth are in the process to leave youth facility for semi-independent living programme. During this programme they will do two works simultaneously. First they will continue their regular studies and vocational training, secondly they will also hunt suitable job for the independent living, in near future. Youths who were under semi-independent living programme up to last year, have started to live on their earning from the starting of this year. Other youths in two different facilities are equally doing well in academic and social activities as well. 

This year we have celebrated 24th International SOS Day very differently. Youth homes organized social work at a school located at slum area. During their programme, they had handover cupboard to the school management and distributed stationary and sweets to the students. To cover these expenses they have collected funds from various sources but the main source was their own saving from pocket money and tiffin expenses. A main formal function was jointly organized by the SOS homes located within the Kathmandu valley under the leader ship of national office - Sanothimi. Chancellor (Nepal Bhasha Academy) Satya Mohan Joshi was the chief guest and SOS Nepal’s president Prof. Dr B.K. Maskey was the chairperson of the function. Friends of SOS, local dignitaries, office bearer, and well wishers of the organization were invited. At the end they were invited by the SOS Children’s Village families for the refreshment inside their family houses. Guests were so impressed after having very close interaction with SOS mothers and children. That was the main objective to organize such programme. Many of them had agreed to work together with SOS for the betterment of the needy children.

In these last six months village families have celebrated three major festivals - Nepali New Year, Mothers day and Holi. The main attraction of these festivals is the family gathering and exchanging their feeling with each other. We feel very proud to see family unification and are happy to meet with newly born babies - grand children of the SOS families. Every year the numbers of our grand children are increasing and they are expanding us in the society.

Dear friends, we feel honored to share our activities in brief with this summer report. On behalf of all the SOS members, we are very much grateful and thankful towards you for everything that you have provided to us in carrying forward our welfare works. We hope to get your full support as always. We will always remain with our best wishes and warm regards.

Sincerely yours

SOS Children’s Village Jorpati