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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Imzouren, Morocco.

Children from SOS Imzouren
Children from SOS Imzouren

A child sponsorship report from Imzouren in Morocco. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsor,

86 children where 40 girls and 46 boys live actually in SOS Children's Village Imzouren and they are surrounded by affection of 12 SOS mothers and 6 familial assistants.

The medical following of our children is insured by their mothers in coordination with the social assistant in good conditions and within the first semester 2010, all the children aged of more then 3 years are benefited of ophthalmologic consultations. On the other hand, the blood group is done for all the children who haven’t done it before and a particular attention was given to teeth care. There are also contacts which took place with health delegation and steps are being done to make in disposition some specialities which will allow us to ameliorate the quality of the medical following of our children.

The number of pupils is respectively, 13 children in the garden, 51 at SOS Primary School and 16 in the SOS Secondary School. The results are satisfying and the mothers organise parties of the year’s end in order to reward the efforts done by their children and to encourage them to double it the following year.

In the level of educative workshop, our children learn informatics, music, dance, plastic arts, theatre, cheeks, hand works and participate in different cultural, sportive and leisure activities. We note also that different sport teams are constituted which represent the Village in different sportive competition and win medals and very encouraging ranks.

Concerning the child’s politic protection, a comity named PPE is constituted in the Village, sensitising people about the respect of the children’s rights and the importance of pointing out are carried out, and the members of this team usually participate in a continued training in this field so as to improve their actions and their interventions.

SOS Village of Imzouren was chosen as a pilot Village to set up the politic programme of SOS which is realised. The studies and the necessary analysis are effectuated and a plan of action is elaborated and is in the period of execution of which other children of our surrounding will benefit.

SOS Village in Imzouren know an opening and a continued dynamicity which respond not only to the children’s needs of the Village but also to others in the nearby and in difficult situation.

This task is concretised thanks to the support of our partner and to our friends, also to the efforts made by the members of our staff.  We take this opportunity to thank and express deep gratitude to our friends and partners for theirs supports and engagements.