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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Dar Bouazza, Morocco.

Child from SOS Dar Bouazza
Child from SOS Dar Bouazza

A child sponsorship report from Dar Bouazza in Morocco. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsor,

One of the events marking the first semester of 2010 of the SOS Children’s Village Dar Bouazza is undoubtedly the celebration of its 10th anniversary. A long awaited opportunity for the villagers, with a lot of preparation and involvement on the part of the multidisciplinary team as well as the share of children, of some volunteers and also some partners.

Indeed much effort but also a lot of fun during this preparation, two open house days held on 27th and 28th March 2010. An occasion where the children, the SOS mothers and the staff of the village shared their joy and their complete commitment in the cause of SOS with the guests and a large number of visitors who came with their children from Casablanca city and other nearby cities.

Two successive days of celebration around well-organised activities, carnival games, tombola, concerts, performances by children or artists, many activities for children (painting, drawing, martial arts, computer, pony etc ...), exhibition, press conference, guided tours to the village, a programme that lasted from 10 am to 5pm with food available on site.

This tenth anniversary was a special time of family celebration to combine business with pleasure, show the number of visitors as to what was done in the village since it opened in 2000 and share a « special » moment with them; by showing the value of our expertise and above all the joy and happiness of our children.

On the other hand, optional activities for the development of our children have been pursued during this semester. Notably, sessions of music, gymnastics, football and aikido. The medical treatment and follow up health check continued its normal course during this first semester with the organization for the benefit of our children a vaccination campaign against meningitis in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. For a close follow up of children, detected cases have been subject of a series of sessions supervised by specialists (speech therapist, psychoanalyst, psychologist, dentist, and ophthalmologist).

Our children have also benefited during the first half of 2010 invitations from other associations and institutions, such as the Festival - Printemps du Mâarif - organized by the municipality of Maarif, child Salon in Casablanca, participation in radio emission such as -Klam fih ou fih-; or the invitation of the Advanced School of Management to celebrate family day, without omitting the project for participation in a film from the director Saad Chraibi on the topic of single mothers, scheduled for early June.

To better support the child within his SOS family, opportunities for continuing education were offered to Mothers, Family Assistants, Welfare and educators, particularly in developing their potential and improving their knowledge and life skills at the Visitor Centre of the Ministry of Youth and Sport in the city of Mohammedia.

Now the village is at a transition stage: Students need a lot of support in relation to examinations of the end of the year, the village is in full preparations for the annual end of school year party and preparing programmes for summer holiday which is very special this year because the summer will coincide with the holy month of Ramadan that begins August 11.

Dear sponsor, thank you very for all your support and we wish you a happy holidays.