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South Korea

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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Daegu, South Korea

Children from SOS Village Daegu
Children from SOS Village Daegu

A child sponsorship report from Daegu in South Korea. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsors,

Hello. Time is really going fast. We are already in the middle of this year. Trees outside are getting green and bright sunshine is glittering through the leaves. All of us, the children, the SOS mothers and all the workers truly appreciate all of you for your love toward our village. Along with our gratitude, we deliver some news from SOS Children's Villages Daegu.

During the first of half of 2010, we welcomed 4 boys and 1 girl as our new family members. Among them Pius (male, 7 months) only has Catholic baptismal name. He doesn't have his own name. Pius' mother delivered him at an inn and then she disappeared. Pius was living in a temporary child care facility for 6 months and then became a new member of the SOS family and he is now growing healthily being loved by many people.

Last May 5th was Children's Day in Korea. On that day all the families enjoyed game competition building up family ties. All the members of SOS village had wonderful time and to the winning team a prize was awarded. In last June 22, to celebrate the 47th anniversary of Daegu village, former family members, donors, volunteers were invited to have commemorating party. The mothers prepared many delicious foods and the children performed samulnori (Korean traditional folk music) and dancing which they practiced really hard, and they received much applause from the audience.

Our children will be having 6 weeks of summer vacation from July 15. From August 10 to 12 we will be having a camp participated by all the children of the village. During the camp, children will have good time swimming and camping at the sea. They will also participate in faith school at a church, courtesy camp, English camp and other various outdoor activities. Through these activities they will get to enjoy the nature and get opportunity to grow further.

All these are possible because we have your kind interest and love. And we will always remember that. Your donations are always appreciated and it is being used for many meaningful works. Thanks to your support all the children are living happily. We thank you in advance for your continuous love.

We pray for God's blessing on you and your family all the time. Be always healthy and happy!

Village director Fr. Lee Byung-Hoon, John

Correspondent Ms. Kim, Yu-Jeong Sophia